Graduate Studies in Classics


Why McGill?

We welcome applications from students interested in graduate studies in any area of classics, including philology, literature, history, philosophy, drama and performance, and religion. Master's students in the Classics program have the option of writing a master's thesis under the direct supervision of a member of the Graduate Faculty (Thesis option), or completing a learned master's degree that stresses graduate coursework (Non-Thesis option).

Both options emphasize rigorous training in Greek and Latin language and the development of research methods and skills. The MA Classics program is designed to prepare students for PhD programs in any field related to Classical Studies. We have a successful track record placing students in the most competitive doctoral programs in North America, including Princeton, University of Chicago, University of Southern California, New York University, and Harvard.

Main areas of graduate supervision include:

  • Archaic Greek History and Poetry
  • Classical Greek History and Literature
  • Hellenistic History and Literature
  • Roman Republican History
  • Early Imperial Roman Literature
  • Greek and Roman Religion
  • Greek and Roman Historiography
  • Comparative ancient history (Greece, Rome and China)

Refer to the Graduate Programs page for details on the program requirements.