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What effective leaders in online communities do differently

This is Karl Moore of the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University with Talking Management for The Globe & Mail. Today I am delighted to speak to one of our senior I.T. professors at McGill, Samer Faraj.

Published on : 13 Aug 2015

The emergence of online community leadership

Authors: Johnson, S.L., Safadi, H., Faraj, S. Publication: Information Systems Research

Category :
Published on : 29 May 2015

Open-source health information technology: A case study of electronic medical records

Authors: Hani Safadi, David Chan, Martin Dawes, Mark Roper, Samer Faraj Publication: Health Policy and Technology Abstract: 

Category :
Published on : 27 Feb 2015

Making Decisions about Activity-Based Financing in Health Care: Payment Mechanisms and Policy Goals

Authors: Strumpf, Erin; Faraj, Samer; Verter, Vedat Abstract: 

Category :
Published on : 07 Mar 2014

"The Contradictory Influence of Social Media Affordances on Online Communal Knowledge Sharing," Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication

Authors: Majchrzak, Ann; Faraj, Samer; Kane, Gerald; Azad, Bijan Publication: Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication Abstract:

Category :
Published on : 25 Nov 2013

Northern Approaches

In many ways, Canada, the world’s second biggest country by area, is a global leader in the effective use of technology in its public health system. Almost all X-rays, MRIs, CTs and other imaging tests in its hospitals are now filmless, which equates to adding the equivalent of up to 500 radiologists and 11 million more exams annually.

Published on : 18 Nov 2013

Professors Faraj and Vaast's Insight Grant Ranked First by Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

Desautels Professors Samer Faraj and Emmanuelle Vaast’s Insight Grant to the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), entitled: "Complex Collaboration in Communities of Innovation," was ranked 1st out of 90 applications in Committee 435-3C and was awarded $189,409 in the competition year 2012-2013.  

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Published on : 27 Sep 2013

"Using signature matrix to analyze conflicting frames during the IS implementation process," International Journal of Accounting Information Systems

Authors: Azad, Bijan; Faraj, Samer Publication: International Journal of Accounting Information Systems, June 2013 Abstract:

Category :
Published on : 18 Apr 2013

Designing a post-genomics knowledge ecosystem to translate pharmacogenomics into public health action

Authors: Dove, E.; Faraj, S.; Kolker, E.; Ozdemir, V. Abstract:

Category :
Published on : 11 Feb 2013

Collective theranostics and postgenomics entrepreneurship: rethinking innovations as knowledge ecosystems built by complex collaboration

Authors: Faraj, S.; Kolker, E.; Bevilacqua, L.; Ozdemir, V. Getting the innovation climate right: tenets of post genomics entrepreneurship

Category :
Published on : 11 Feb 2013

Transcending Knowledge Differences in Cross-Functional Teams

Authors: Majchrzak, Ann; More, Philip; Faraj, Samer Abstract:

Category :
Published on : 17 Jan 2013

Professor Samer Faraj won Best Publication of 2011 Award

Professor Samer Faraj is the winner of the Best Publication of 2011 Award, a joint award given by the Association of Information Systems and the International Conference on Information Systems for the following article: Faraj, S., Jarvenpaa, S. and Majchrzak, A. et al., Organization Science. “Knowledge collaboration in online communities.” This is the biggest award in the field of Information Systems.

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Published on : 09 Jan 2013

IT in healthcare: An integrative study of organizational change

Authors: Safadi, Hani; Faraj, Samer Abstract:

Category :
Published on : 12 Dec 2012

Partnering portfolios, value-creation logics, and growth trajectories: A comparison of Yahoo and Google (1995 to 2007)

Authors: Rindova, Violina P.; Yeow, Adrian Yong Kwang; Martins, Luis L.; Faraj, Samer A. Abstract:

Category :
Published on : 26 Oct 2012