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Two decades of research indicate that our ecosystems are paying the price for “business as usual”

Published on: 6 Jun 2012

Scientific studies show it is never too late to learn new skills such as playing a musical instrument or speaking a language if you use the right techniques, writes psychologist Gary Marcus…

Published on: 6 Jun 2012

Leaders in mining and pharmacology recognized at convocation ceremony

Published on: 4 Jun 2012

Galactic Science Team Leader Victoria Kaspi ensures cutting-edge NuSTAR telescope points to the most exotic objects in the Milky Way

Published on: 30 May 2012

Les fibres musculaires du coeur sont assemblées en hélices pour donner un maximum d'efficacité lors des contractions du muscle, a découvert une équipe internationale de scientifiques à laquelle ont participé des chercheurs de l'Université McGill.

Published on: 30 May 2012

Discovery could be used to help engineer artificial tissue

Published on: 29 May 2012

Scientists think of these annoying sound segments as "ear worms." They don't yet know much about why they happen, but research is making headway on what's going on.

Published on: 28 May 2012

The big news in Quebec universities is not just about tuition fees. It’s also about top-notch research. This month, ACFAS – l’Association francophone pour le savoir – held its 80th annual scientific congress in Montreal.

Published on: 22 May 2012

Astrophysicists from the McGill University in Quebec, Canada, have discovered two giant galaxies connected by a filament of stars which appear to be colliding. When combined, this supercluster of galaxies could be one of the largest structures in the universe.

Published on: 19 May 2012

Finding provides unique opportunity to explore how galaxies and cosmic structure evolve

Published on: 17 May 2012

Professeur au Département de psychologie de l'Université McGill, Fred Genesee fait le point sur « les mythes et les malentendus entourant l'acquisition de deux langues chez l'enfant ».

Published on: 5 May 2012

(Chemistry professor Joe Schwarcz): Critics of homeopathy have been known to swallow entire bottles of homeopathic pills to make the point they contain nothing but sugar.

Published on: 5 May 2012

Prof. Ehab Abouheif, Dept. of Biology and a research team investigated which genes were being expressed during the development of antennae in male water striders. The antennae are used to grasp the females during mating. They then modified gene expression to see how this would be expressed in antennae development and success in mating. By doing so they were able to watch evolution in action.

Published on: 3 May 2012

Ecosystem effects of biodiversity loss could rival impacts of climate change and pollution

Published on: 2 May 2012

When I dilute my chicken soup, its taste suffers. When I take one Aspirin tablet instead of two, my headache doesn’t resolve. When I use less detergent, my clothes do not come out as clean. Yet, in the topsy-turvy world of homeopathy, less is more.

Published on: 28 Apr 2012