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Dr. Joe presents "The Conundrum of Endocrine Disruptors"


Programme de la FMC du Québec: Mise à jour en obstétrique et en gynécologie En association avec l’université McGill, département d’obstétrique et gynécologie/ossCategory: Public lectures and...

Trottier Symposium: Are We Alone?


Join us for the Lorne Trottier 2014 Public Science Symposium! Limited seats!! No reservations, just drop by--first come, first serve! /ossCategory: Public lectures and conferences Faculty of Science

The Food Babe Decoded

Published: 15Mar2015

Vani Hari, who goes by the alias “The Food Babe” has become a real social phenomenon. She blogs, appears on TV and has just come out with a book that quickly made it to the New York Times best...

SPEAQ’s 41st Annual Convention


This year’s theme is “The Future Is Now!” What is the inspiration behind this theme? Since the renouveau pédagogique is fully implemented in schools across the province of Quebec... where do we go...

Dr. Joe comments on Dr. Oz

Published: 26Jan2014

The wizardry of Dr. Oz...

Dr. Joe presents "Eating– Is there a solution to the confusion?"


89th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Beyond Preventive Medicine -Remodeling the Canadian “Sick Care” System into a “Health Care & Promotion” System/ossCategory: Public lectures and conferences...

Canada AM

Published: 12May2015

Dr. Joe sits down with Bev Thomson on Canada AM and chats about his new book, "Monkeys, Myths, and Molecules." Click here to see the full interview.

The Mystery of Ageing


Dr. Joe Schwarcz presents a talk "The Mystery of Ageing"   /ossCategory: Public outreach Public lectures Faculty of Science

More Oz Folly

Published: 27Jan2014

Dr. Oz has absolutely gone haywire. In pushing the "alkaline" diet he takes a piece of kidney and pours acid on it to show how it disintegrates and infers this is happening in the body. This is...