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Eytan Bensoussan on mentoring, entrepreneurship and modern business banking

Eytan Bensoussan (BSc’05, MBA/LLB’10) loves a challenge. He has studied math, bio-chemistry, political science and management. In his career life, he worked for McKinsey & Company, the Globe and Mail, and Ferst Capital Partners before co-founding Ferst Digital, which is a modern banking platform for small businesses and start-ups.

Published on : 21 Apr 2017

Metaphor, literacy and ‘fake news’

Desautels Professor Reuven Brenner writes in a recent Asia Times op-ed that, as societies become literate, earlier metaphors become codified as literal truths, much to the detriment of those societies and the cultures that exist within them. There are parallels between the “fake news” of today and analogues in early societies, where one people’s superstitions about another group could bring the two into conflict.”

Published on : 20 Apr 2017

As feds unveil pot legalization plans, producers’ shares slip

Ottawa has released its plan to legalize marijuana, and the hit on big cannabis shares has been heavy. Concerns about how fast the government is moving to squeeze out illegal producers, a law-enforcement-heavy public announcement and a feeling that the government is stepping back from its plans for an industrial-scale market are leaving investors with questions.

Published on : 19 Apr 2017

At the CAFAs, glitz and glitterati are on parade

In some ways, it’s the party of the year. On April 7th, Canada’s biggest fashion names gathered in Toronto for the fourth Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards. The event was heavy on pizzazz, from the pre-event cocktails to the after-dinner party. The guest list was a who’s who of Canada’s glitterati, from Erdem Moralioglu to David Dixon.

Published on : 19 Apr 2017

A call to curb cabotage in Australia

In the Australian coastal shipping reform efforts, the discussion has come down to whether or not cabotage (the practice of using foreign companies for domestic shipping) should be promoted or limited. In The Maritime Executive, Dermot Loughane says that yes, national-flag shipping tends to cost more, but a healthy industry gets crewmembers buying houses and goods with dollars that would otherwise be going overseas. Mr. Loughane points to Canada, where “It is a rare thing now … to find an experienced Master or Chief Engineer administering the shipping system.”

Published on : 19 Apr 2017

Quebec’s hottest new microbrewery works local angle

New Deal Brewing Co. co-owner Daleyne Guay (EMBA’2016) says that, over the past five years, microbews have risen to 8.9% of the Quebec market, while the majors have lost 1% per year and imports have taken up the space in-between. Within this context, Mr. Guay is on a mission to make you to reach for one of his Boldwin beers before you grab that next Stella Artois. New Deal has positioned itself as the province’s only 100% organic brewery, which also maximises sustainability throughout its production process.

Published on : 19 Apr 2017

EMBA alumna on leadership, success and working in a male-dominated environment

France-Margaret Bélanger (EMBA’14) grew up in Matane, a world away from her current life as Chief Legal Officer at the Montreal Canadiens. She sat down with Desautels Associate Professor Karl Moore to talk about her journey from small-town Quebec to an English-language Cegep, then on to law school and a great job at a big-ticket law firm. On the way, she earned an MBA as a means of becoming a better business adviser.

Published on : 19 Apr 2017

Integrity: leaders who have it can reduce it in employees

A new study, authored in part by Desautels Associate Professor Patricia Faison Hewlin, explores how leaders who have greater integrity can have an inverse effect on the integrity of their employees. Essentially, followers can take on a façade of conformity, where they pretend to mesh with the company’s values in order to ensure their own success. A leader who is an example of integrity could cause employees to suppress their own values in order to do what they see as most helpful to the leader.

Published on : 18 Apr 2017

Professor Steve Fortin appointed to Accounting Standards Board

Professor Steve Fortin, CPA, CA has been named to the Financial Reporting Accounting Standards Board (AcSB). The AcSB is an independent body with the authority to establish accounting standards for use by all Canadian entities outside the public sector. The AcSB serves the public interest by establishing standards for financial reporting by all Canadian private sector entities and by contributing to the development of internationally accepted financial reporting standards.

Published on : 12 Apr 2017

Desautels achieves second consecutive win at PRMIA

Congratulations to Desautels undergraduate students: Evan Coulter, Valentyn Litvin, Meagan Prins, and Marina Simonian who won the top prize at the prestigious PRMIA International Risk Management Challenge- marking a second consecutive victory for the Faculty at this competition.

Published on : 12 Apr 2017

Electric snowmobiles set to take centre stage

Next winter, Whistler Blackcomb and Canadian Wilderness Adventures will become some of the first companies to offer electric snowmobiles to clients. The machines are made by Quebec-based Taiga Motors, which built on its first-place finish in the 2016 McGill Dobson Cup’s Innovation Track to expand its technology and develop a revolutionary all-electric snowmobile from the ground up.

Published on : 12 Apr 2017

2014 Dobson Cup participant on how winning changed her

Montreal-based Lantinga Vita is all about merging functionality, a chic design and sustainability. The company’s Tempus bag is an Italian-made, multi-functional bag that boasts a compartment for a 15” laptop and a thermal pocket for food. The company’s founder and CEO, Nina Lantinga, recently spoke with The Dobson Chronicles about the entrepreneurial life, growing her business and winning the Grit Prize at the McGill Dobson Cup 2014.

Published on : 12 Apr 2017

Winning Dobson Cup team on entrepreneurship, plans for the future and head movement as disease indicator

Startup Saccade Analytics was the first place winner of the 2017 McGill Dobson Cup Health Sciences Track. The team’s pitch involved analyzing eye and head movement to help diagnose neural diseases. The team sat down with the Dobson Chronicles to talk about what made them dive into the entrepreneurial life, and eye-head movement as an indicator of disease — including, but not limited to, concussion. The team’s work builds on a foundation laid by team member Professor Mimi Galiana, who is a pioneer in the field.

Published on : 11 Apr 2017

Is Bombardier too big to fail? A TV panel discusses the seminal Quebec company

Desautels Associate Professor Karl Moore appeared on an April 7th Breakfast Television panel to address the question of whether or not Bombardier is too big to fail. Professor Moore stated that, in some ways, this is definitely true, just because of the role it plays in the Canadian economy and the fact that it is “Canada’s greatest global competitor, in terms of size and in terms of where the exports go.”

Published on : 11 Apr 2017

McGill lands on Corporate Knights’ Future 40 list

Now in its fourth edition, Corporate Knights’ Future 40 ranking is a yearly roundup of companies and organizations that are transitioning towards a low-carbon future. The list heavily reflects Ontario-based companies and utilities, but there is also a lot of representation from Canada’s mining sector and medium-sized oil and gas producers, all of which are pivoting towards greater sustainability in their production processes.

Published on : 11 Apr 2017