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History Internship Course (HIST 499)
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History Internship Course (HIST 499)

The Arts Internship course allow students to gain experience in areas relevant to their field of study; allowing students who pursue approved internships to gain up to 3 credits towards their degrees. Arts internships involve a minimum of 150 hours of work, normally over a period of 8-12 weeks in a host institution approved by the student’s home department or program. Students are required to submit documentation of the internship experience and a topical paper discussing the internship from an academic perspective.

Eligibility Requirements

The Arts Internship course in only open to U2 and U3 students in good standing, normally after completing 30 credits of a 90 credit program or 45 credits of a 96 to 120 credit program. A minimum CGPA of 2.70 and permission from the Program Advisor for the Major Concentration in History and the Arts Internship Officer are required. This course will normally not fulfill program requirements for seminar or 400-level courses.

(Students are permitted to count only one internship toward their History program requirements)

Internship placements can be arranged in any term, or may stretch over two terms; the Department expects that many will be completed over the summer months. Because of the heavy workload involved, students should be wary of coupling an internship course with a full course load.

Proposing an Internship

Students wishing to undertake an internship must submit a formal proposal to this effect, well in advance of the proposed internship starting date. This proposal must be approved by the full-time faculty member who has agreed to supervise the internship, the Arts Internship Officer, the Student Affairs Advisor for the Major Concentration in History.

Please submit the Faculty of Arts Internship Course Credit Approval Form (available here) to the History Student Affairs Advisor. After receiving departmental approval, register on Minerva for HIST 499 for the semester following the internship.

The proposal must include the following information:

  • An outline of the proposed internship, including specific discussion of “learning goals”, “activities”, and “means of evaluation”.
  • A description of the organization with which the student will be working including the name of the supervisor to whom the student will be accountable
  • A Letter indicating the willingness of the responsible person and sponsoring agency to assume the task of supervision (including assessment of work performance)
  • A proposal for an associated research project. As noted above, this will ordinarily take the form of a lengthy research paper, researched during the internship, and equivalent in length and quality to that produced in an independent reading course.
  • Students must also satisfy requirements established by the Arts Internship Office, found here.


A grade for the internship will be assigned by the faculty supervisor based on:

  • The quality of the research paper. This will ordinarily be worth 50% of the course grade, and will be graded by the faculty supervisor.
  • The quality of the written work materials, such as work diary, copies of memoranda, correspondence, or papers produced; or a shorter paper assessing the learning value of the internship. This will ordinarily be worth 25% of the course grade, and will be graded by a faculty supervisor.
  • A performance assessment. This will ordinarily be worth 25% of the course grade, and shall be provided by the student’s supervisor at the sponsoring organization.

Internship Opportunities

Information on finding internships can be obtained from the Faculty of Arts Internship Office and on the office’s website.

Click here to access the database of internship opportunities. Please note that a valid McGill ID and Minerva Pin are required to access the database.

For further information, contact:

Department of History Administrative Office
For departmental contact information, please click here.