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  • Annie Xie interned at Elimu Impact Evaluation Centre in Kianyaga, Kenya.

  • Marion Becheri & Jacob Omorodion interned at the Indigenous Peoples of Africa Coordinating Committee (IPACC) in Cape Town, South Africa.

  • Interested in pursuing an internship abroad next summer? Come hear about the internship opportunities available to returning Faculty of Arts students. Find out how to apply and what resources are available to you.


Faculty of Arts Internship Office

The Faculty of Arts Internship Office

The Faculty of Arts Internship Office assists undergraduate and graduate students who wish to pursue short-term internship opportunities (8 to 12 weeks) before completing their studies. All returning students in the Faculty of Arts are welcome to attend our events, visit our office during drop-in hours, or make an appointment to meet with an advisor who can help them identify internships suited to their educational and career objectives. Please note that the Arts Internship Office's mandate is to advise returning Faculty of Arts students. Students from other faculties should visit the Internship Offices Network website for information about internships and internship programs.

The Internship Office assists students who wish to find their own internships. It also endeavors to build long-term partnerships with organizations in Canada and abroad in order to establish unique internship opportunities for Arts students. These positions are advertised on campus throughout the year and on our mailing list and website. Our website also provides students with access to internship postings and a database of over 600 host organizations with preexisting internship programs. 

How to Apply to International Internships: Information Session

Thursday, October 30, 2014, 4:30-6:00pm, Leacock 232

Interested in pursuing an internship abroad next summer? Come hear about the internship opportunities available to returning Faculty of Arts students. Find out how to apply and what resources are available to you.
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Congratulations to the 2014 Arts Internship Award Recipients

(Photo: Owen Egan)

What Is an Internship?

An internship is a short-term, hands-on, supervised work experience with a professional organization.  It provides the student with an invaluable opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge acquired in the classroom to real world problems and enables the student to broaden his or her understanding of the field. 

An internship is more than a part-time job or volunteer experience; it includes: 

  • specific learning objectives designed to increase the student’s knowledge;
  • training to hone existing skills and develop additional ones;
  • and supervision to guide and mentor the intern.  
Through his or her internship, the student is able both to expand his or her horizons and to engage in a meaningful collaboration with her or his corporate or community organization for their mutual benefit.

Finding an Internship

Find an Internship
Attend AIO events and workshops held throughout the year.
Stay informed: like us on facebook, follow us on twitter, and sign up on our mailing list.
Browse the internship opportunities administered through the AIO.
Search for internships on the internship database.
Use ION's interactive guide to finding an internship.
Take a look at the Internship Offices Network list of internship postings on- and off-campus.
Talk to students who have completed internships in the past and read about their internship experiences.
Tap connections with friends and family.
Mention your interests to professors and other people who work in fields that interest you. Ask for their suggestions and guidance.
Search the web:  It may seem overwhelming at first but careful searches can yield a lot of information.
Phone the organizations:  Do not rely on e-mail alone when approaching organizations. Phone organizations and speak to someone to determine what opportunities exist. Make sure to get the name and contact information of the person responsible for interns.

Internship Awards

Arts Internship Awards have been established through the generous support of McGill alumni to help students gain practical experience through an internship. Administered through the Dean's Office in conjunction with the Faculty of Arts Internship Office, these awards are designed to provide partial funding to assist students with travel and other expenses related to their internship.

For more information about the:
Arts Internship Awards, please click here.
Arts Research Internship Awards, please click here.

Academic Credit for an Internship

Arts Internships allow undergraduate and graduate students to obtain practical experience in their field prior to graduation. Students who pursue approved internships may also gain up to 3 credits towards their degree upon the completion of a major topical paper.

For more information, please visit the academic credit section of our website here.

Internship Timeline

Look for Internship Opportunities
See the internships postings for Summer 2015 Fall 2014
Browse through the internship database Fall 2014
Read internship reports from past interns Fall 2014
Drop by our office during drop-in hours or make an appointment Throughout the year
Come to the 11th Annual Arts Internship Event & Fair September 18, 2014
Attend the 2014 Internship Opportunities Session (university-wide) November 4, 2014
Go to the 5th Annual Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Research Event January 14, 2015
Prepare Your Internship Application
Register for the Internship C.V. (resume) Workshop October 7, 2014
Register for the Internship Cover Letter Workshop October 8, 2014
Attend the How to Apply to International Internships Information Session October 30, 2014
Attend the How to Apply to Internships in Canada & the USA Information Session January 8, 2015
Make an appointment with CaPS to get help with your application Throughout the year
Apply to the Internship
Application deadline for international internships administered by the AIO November 24, 2014
Application deadline for internships in Canada & the USA administered by the AIO February 2, 2015
Application deadlines for other internships  Throughout the year
Apply for Awards & Academic Credit 
Apply for academic credit Before the beginning of your internship
Attend the Faculty of Arts Internship Awards Information Session February 26, 2015
Application deadline for Arts Internship Awards March 16, 2015
Application deadline for the Arts Research Internship Awards (ARIA) March 30, 2015
Prepare for Your Internship
Attend the Meeting for AIO Interns March 12, 2015
Register for the Success in a Professional Environment Internship Workshop March 30, 2015
Come to the Cross-Cultural Workshop March 19, 2015
Attend the University-Wide Pre-Departure Orientation March 26, 2015
Take part in the Reception for Award Recipients April 23, 2015
Do Your Internship
Complete an 8 to 12 week internship (may vary) Mid-May to Early August (may vary)
Debrief on Your Internship
Hand-in internship follow-up documents September 2015
Attend the Post-Internship Debriefing Session September 2015
Share Your Experience & Stay In Touch
Attend events and share your experience Throughout the year
Join the Arts Internship Alumni Network After your internship