Selected Publications

  1. Sun, JZhang, M, Qi X, Doyle C, Zheng, H. (2020). Armadillo-repeat kinesin1 interacts with Arabidopsis atlastin RHD3 to move ER with plus-end of microtubules, Nature Communications 11(1), 5510
  2. Sun, J, Movahed, N., Zheng, H. (2020). LUNAPARK is an E3 ligase that mediates degradation of ROOT HAIR DEFECTIVE3 to maintain a tubular ER network in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 32 (9), 2964-2978
  3. Zhang, J, Chen, J, Wang, L, Zhao S, Wang, W, Li, J, Liu, B, Qi, X., Zheng, H, Lu, M. (2020). An essential role for Arabidopsis Trs33 in cell growth and organization in plant apical meristems, Plant Cell Rep. 39 (3), 381-391
  4. Movahed N, Cabanillas DG, Wan J, Vali H, Laliberté JF, Zheng H (2019). Turnip mosaic virus components are released into the extracellular space by vesicles in infected leaves. Plant physiol. 180 (3), 1375-1388. Highlighted in ‘News & View’: Viruses on the Move in the Extracellular Space. Plant Physiol. 180(3), 1253-1254
  5. Movahed N, Sun J, Vali H, Laliberte JF, Zheng H (2019). A host ER fusogen is recruited by Turnip mosaic virus for maturation of viral replication vesicles. Plant physiol. 179 (2), 507-518. Highlighted in News & View’: Hijacking the ER Membrane: Lessons from Turnip mosaic virus, Plant Physiol. 179(2) 367-368.
  6. Zhang J, Li Y, Liu B, Wang L, Zhang L, Hu J, Chen J, Zheng H, Lu M (2018). Characterization of the Populus Rab family genes and the function of PtRabE1b in salt tolerance. BMC Plant Biol. 18 (1):124
  7. Garcia-Cabanillas D, Jiang J, Movahed N, Germain H, Yamaji Y, Zheng H, Laliberte JF (2018). Turnip Mosaic Virus Uses the SNARE Protein VTI11 in an Unconventional Route for Replication Vesicle Trafficking. Plant Cell 30(10):2594-2615
  8. Zhang J, Chen J, Wang L, Zhao S, Li J, Liu B, Li H, Qi X, Zheng H, Lu M (2018). AtBET5 is essential for exine pattern formation and apical meristem organization in Arabidopsis. Plant Sci. 274:231-241
  9. Sun J, Zheng H. (2018). Efficient ER Fusion Requires a Dimerization and a C-Terminal Tail Mediated Membrane Anchoring of RHD3. Plant Physiol. 176(1), 2018, pp. 406-417
  10. Movahed N, Patarroyo C, Sun J, Vali H, Laliberté JF, Zheng H (2017). Cylindrical Inclusion Protein of Turnip Mosaic Virus Serves as a Docking Point for the Intercellular Movement of Viral Replication Vesicles. Plant Physiol. 175(4), 2017, pp. 1732-1744
  11. Qi X., Sun J., and Zheng H. (2016). A GTPase-dependent fine ER is required for localized secretion in polarized growth of root hairs. Plant Physiol. 171 (3): 1996-2007
  12. J. Jiang, C. Patarroyo, D. Garcia-Cabanillas, H. Zheng, J.-F. Laliberté (2015). The vesicle-forming 6K2 protein of turnip mosaic virus interacts with the COPII coatomer Sec24a for viral systemic infection. J. Virol. 89(13):6695-710
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  20. Qi, X., Kaneda, M., Chen J., Geitmann, A., and Zheng, H. (2011). A specific role for TRAPPII in post-Golgi trafficking crucial for cytokinesis and cell polarity. Plant J. 68, 234-248
  21. Chen, J., Stefano, G., Brandizzi, F., and Zheng, H. (2011). Arabidopsis RHD3 Mediates the Generation of the Tubular ER Network and is required for Golgi Distribution and Motility in Plant Cells. J. Cell Sci. 124, 2241-2252

Selected Publications before McGill

  1. Zheng, H., Camacho, L., Batoko, H., Wee, E., Legen, J., Leaver, C., Malho, R., Hussey, P. and Moore, I. (2005a). A Rab-E GTPase mutant acts downstream of the Rab-D subclass in biosynthetic membrane traffic to the plasma membrane in tobacco leaf epidermis. Plant Cell, 17, 2020-2036
  2. Zheng, H., Rowland, O. and Kunst, L. (2005b). Disruptions of the Arabidopsis enoyl-CoA reductase gene reveal an essential role for very-long-chain fatty acid synthesis in cell expansion during plant morphogenesis. Plant Cell, 17, 1467-1481
  3. Pighin, J.*, Zheng, H.*, Balakshin L.J., Goodman, I.P., Western, T.L., Jetter, R., Kunst, L., and Samuels L.A. (2004). Plant cuticular lipid export requires an ABC transporter. Science 306, 702-704 * - equal first authors (featured with a perspective article in Science 306, 622-625: A plant ABC transporter takes the lotus seat)
  4. Zheng, H., Kunst, L., Hawes, C. and Moore, I. (2004). A GFP-based assay reveals a role for RHD3 in transport between the endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi apparatus. Plant J. 37, 398-414
  5. Batoko, H., Zheng, H., Hawes, C. and Moore, I. (2000). A rab1 GTPase is required for transport between the endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi apparatus and for normal Golgi movement in plant cells. Plant Cell 12, 2201-2218 (front cover and featured in Plant Cell 12:2009-2011 ‘In this issue’)




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