TGH Projects in Guatemala

Our research

The Trauma & Global Health Program’s Guatemalan team is focusing on four priority research areas:

  • Transmission and trans-generational effects of sustained political violence in selected urban and rural populations
  • Idioms of distress and healing practices among indigenous populations
  • Development of clinical and epidemiological screening protocols for trauma-related disorders and violence against women, including workers of human rights’ organisations exposed to organised violence
  • Clinical and community-based psychosocial interventions of forensic exhumations among the indigenous populations of Huehuetenango

Where we work

Research is concentrated in four rural areas with predominantly Mayan indigenous populations affected by violence:

  • Quiche
  • Sayaxche, Peten (South Western region)
  • Rabinal, Baja Verapaz
  • Huehuetenango: San Mateo-Ixtatan Yolcultac, Sebep , Petanac, Xequel, Patalcal, Bulej, Yalambojoch, Yaltoya, and Finca San Francisco

Other participating countries:

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