Learning Strategies Inventory

Below is a list of behaviours you should aim to exhibit in order to excel in your courses. Pick one of your courses, then apply ‘true’ or ‘false’ for each of the statements based on how you study for that particular course. Keep track of your responses; the scoring scale is available below. Consider completing this inventory once for each of your courses each semester to check-in on your study habits and keep focused.

  1. I always preview the material that will be discussed before I go to class.

  2. I go over my lecture notes as soon as possible after each lecture to rework them, fill in gaps, add questions, and identify problem areas.

  3. I try to do my homework without using example problems as a guide or copying answers from my notes or textbook.

  4. I regularly go to office hours or tutorial sessions to discuss problems, ask questions, and review homework.

  5. I rework all of the homework problems and questions before the quizzes, tests, and exams.

  6. I spend time studying for this class at least five days per week (outside of class time).

  7. I create mnemonics to help me remember information, like facts or equations.

  8. I make diagrams, concept maps, or draw mental pictures of the concepts discussed in class and covered in readings and homework.

  9. I participate in a study group where we do homework and quiz ourselves on the material.

  10. I rework all of the quiz or exam items that I missed before the next class session.

  11. I realize that I can still do well in this class even if I have done poorly on the assessments up to this point.


Scoring guide

Note that you can change your predicted grade at any point by changing your behaviour such that more of the statements are true.

Number of True responses Predicted grade
9 + A
6–8 B
4–5 C
2–3 D
< 2 F

Adapted from:

McGuire, Saundra Yancy, and Stephanie McGuire. 2015. Teach Students How to Learn: Strategies You Can Incorporate into Any Course to Improve Student Metacognition, Study Skills, and Motivation. Sterling, Virginia: Stylus Publishing, LLC.


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