Welcome to the Trottier Institute for Science and Public Policy (TISPP), within the Faculty of Science at McGill University. In a University, we recognize and embrace the opportunity to spread knowledge to the world through outreach and engagement. In particular, the application of science to public policy is one of the ways scientific knowledge is disseminated, promoting the application of rigorously tested ideas and methods.

Expanding the contribution of science to human welfare

Through the visionary support of Lorne Trottier, this mission will be undertaken by TISPP, committed to developing and promoting policies that expand the contribution of science to human welfare. Our aim is to enhance the positive contribution of science and technology to society and our mission is two-fold.

  • Firstly, to provide leadership in advancing science-driven policy, and to prepare future generations of leaders for this responsibility. This leadership will come from scientists themselves, whose research will be funded based on ability to affect matters of public policy.
  • Secondly, TISPP will help improve the ability of non-scientists to make decisions on issues that involve science, medicine, and technology, through public education and outreach.
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