Research & Public Policy

These Fellowships are academic awards that enable the University to encourage a policy element in scientific inquiry conducted by world-class scholars at the University. Such Fellowships will rotate at intervals of approximately two years, and are open to scientists in all Faculties throughout the University. The Fellowships act to give a research boost to scientists doing excellent work, where that work will have impact or potential impact upon public policy. The intention of the Fellowships is:

(a) to recognize and support excellence,

(b) to recognize and support scientific leadership, particularly the collaborative leadership of a research agenda,

(c) to provide seed money for emerging research directions, including those of an interdisciplinary nature, and

(d) to have impact or potential impact upon public policy.

An overview of TISPP activities is contained here.


Meet the Trottier Fellows

2017-2019 Trottier Fellows

2015-2017 Trottier Fellows

2013-2015 Trottier Fellows

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