Refer a Patient

When possible, all new confirmed or suspicious cancer referrals are seen by one of our physicians within 1 week.

For very symptomatic cases or new cancers, please mark the referral as URGENT and include any pertinent results. Alternatively, results can be provided to the patient to bring to their first appointment.


Supporting Documentation

It is necessary that new patients bring any available imaging results (CT, PET, CXR, etc) on a CD with them to their first appointment. This is to avoid delays should DSQ access be unavailable or is lagging.


We will need all applicable investigations attached with the completed referral form, including:

  • Imaging results:

- CT Chest/Abdomen/Pelvis 
- PET Whole Body scan
- CT Head/MRI Brain (if applicable)
- EUS (if applicable)

  • Endoscopy/Gastroscopy report (suspected esophageal or gastric cancers)
  • Pathology reports (biopsy results)
  • Pulmonary Function Test (suspected lung cancers)


Reports are also accepted by fax (514-934-4432) if you are unable to include the documents electronically.


Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals that normally share imaging with the MUHC are no longer able to push their images through.

In order to minimize delays and the number of trips on the patient, KINDLY REQUEST THAT THE PATIENT BRING A CD OF THEIR IMAGING SCANS TO THEIR VISIT.


Connect your Patient with a Specialist 

You can send a patient referral to our team by patientchirurgiethoracique [at] (subject: New%20Patient%20Referral) (email) or fax at 514-934-4432.

patientchirurgiethoracique [at] (Click here to send a referral) 


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