Short-Term Training Non-Emergency Focus on Issues in International Mental Health

One-week course on ‘Research Methods in International Mental Health’ by LSTHM, London and the Institute of Psychiatry, London. Organized by Vikram Patel and Martin Prince Contents: the course teaches on research methods in international mental health and covers issues such as public health burden, measurement across cultures, dissemination and ethics.

Contact: vikram.patel [at]
Frequency: approx 2 times per year


Two-weeks course on Leadership in mental health. Organized by Vikram Patel and R Thara through two Indian community based NGOs (SCARF and Sangath) in collaboration with the LSHMT and the Centre for International Mental Health, University of Melbourne. Content: the course teaches on the rationale for and methods to scale up the coverage of services for mental disorders at the population level.

Contact: vikram.patel [at]
Frequency: approx 1 time per year


McGill University: Summer program in Social and Cultural Psychiatry. Organized by Laurence Kirmayer and Faculty of the Division of Social and Transcultural Psychiatry, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada Content: 1-month graduate courses and workshops in cultural psychiatry, psychiatric epidemiology, qualitative and quantitative research methods for cross-cultural research, clinical approaches to working with culture, and seminar on rethinking trauma from cultural, psychological and biological perspectives. The courses emphasize research and are aimed at mental health professionals and social scientists.

Contact: tcpsych [at]
Frequency: 1 time per year (usually May)

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