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The Culture and Mental Health Research Unit of the Lady Davis Institute and the Department of Psychiatry, Jewish General Hospital, conducts research on the role of culture in mental health. This includes research on culturally safe and competent health services, social determinants of health, and culturally grounded mental health promotion with Indigenous peoples, immigrants and refugees, and ethnocultural communities. CMHRU researchers have expertise in cultural psychiatry and psychology, qualitative health research, implementation science, global mental health, and the anthropology and philosophy of medicine.

Director: Dr Laurence J. Kirmayer


Dr Suparna Choudhury (Neuroscience)
Dr Danielle Groleau (Public Health, Anthropology)
Dr Jaswant Guzder (Child Psychiatry)
Dr G. Eric Jarvis (Psychiatry)
Dr Rachel Kronick (Child Psychiatry)
Dr Myrna Lashley (Psychology)
Dr Michael Lifshitz (Neuroscience, Anthropology)
Dr Andrew Ryder (Psychology)
Dr Samuel Veissière (Anthropology)
Dr Ashley Wazana (Child Psychiatry)
Dr Phyllis Zelkowitz (Psychology)

Affiliated researchers

Dr Kelly McKinney (Humanities, Philosophy and Religion, John Abbott)
Dr Toby Measham (Child Psychiatry, McGill)
Dr Lucie Nadeau (Child Psychiatry, McGill)
Dr Melissa Park (Occupational Therapy, McGill)
Dr Cécile Rousseau (Child Psychiatry, McGill)
Dr Robert Whitley (Psychosocial Division, Douglas Hospital Research Center)


Dr Jake Burack (Educational Psychology, McGill University)
Dr Eduardo Chachamovich (Psychiatry, McGill University)
Dr Stéphane Dandeneau (Psychology, Université du Québec à Montréal)
Dr Ian Gold (Philosophy, McGill University)
Dr Lonzozou Kpanake (Psychology, Télé Université du Québec à Montréal)
Dr Yvan Leanza (School of Psychology, Laval University)
Dr Marie-Nathalie Leblanc (Anthropology, Concordia University)
Dr Jitender Sareen (Psychiatry, University of Manitoba)
Dr Raven Sinclair (University of Saskatchewan)
Dr Morton Weinfeld (Sociology, McGill University)
Dr Dennis Wendt (Educational and Counselling Psychology, McGill University)
Dr Allan Young (Social Studies of Medicine, McGill University)

International Collaborators

Dr Sofie Bäärnhielm, Transculturel Centrum, Stockholm
Dr Frederick Hickling, University of the West Indies
Dr Michael Kral, University of Illinois
Dr Roberto Lewis-Fernandez, Columbia University
Dr Eugene Raikhel, University of Chicago
Dr Melissa Walls, University of Minnesota-Duluth
Dr Les Whitbeck, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Antonella Clerici
Alessandra Miklavcic

Contact information

Culture and Mental Health Research Unit
Institute of Community and Family Psychiatry
4333 Chemin de la Côte Ste-Catherine
Montreal, Quebec
H3T 1E4

Tel.: 514-340-7549
Fax: 514-340-7503
antonella.clerici [at] (Email)

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