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First published in 1956 as Transcultural Psychiatric Research Review, Transcultural Psychiatry is an international, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed, scientific journal of cultural psychiatry published by the Division of Social & Transcultural Psychiatry, McGill University in conjunction with SAGE Publications (London). Transcultural Psychiatry is the official journal of the World Association Section on Transcultural Psychiatry.

Transcultural Psychiatry provides a forum of communication for psychiatrists and other mental health practitioners as well as social scientists around the world concerned with the relationship between culture and mental health. The journal is committed to the most comprehensive coverage of the social and cultural determinants of mental disorders and psychosocial treatments of the range of mental and behavioural problems in individuals, families and communities.

Transcultural Psychiatry publishes original research, systemic reviews and clinical case studies relevant to cultural psychiatry and mental health including:

  • social and cultural factors that influence the origin, course and treatment of psychiatric disorders
  • mental health of indigenous peoples, immigrants, refugees and ethnocultural communities
  • ethnopsychiatry (local and indigenous psychiatric theory and practice)
  • cultural critique of psychiatric theory and practice
  • international and cross-national comparative research in global mental health

Published 5 times a year, each issue of Transcultural Psychiatry provides readers with an array of features ensuring the broadest possible coverage of the field, including:

  • Original research
  • Systemic literature reviews
  • Symposia and invited commentary
  • Clinical case studies
  • Review essays and book reviews
  • Letters to the editor

Transcultural Psychiatry publishes both quantitative and qualitative research that draws on the full range of psychiatric research methods as well as the disciplines of psychiatric epidemiology, medical anthropology and cross-cultural psychology. The most comprehensive and eclectic journal in the field, it is an essential resource for clinicians working in multicultural or intercultural settings, and for research workers in the borderlands between psychiatry, psychology and anthropology.

Information for Contributors
Transcultural Psychiatry is an international peer-reviewed journal in the field of cultural psychiatry, ethnopsychiatry and mental health that publishes original research, systematic reviews, clinical case studies, book reviews, and peer commentary. 

Login and submit your article online. All manuscripts should follow the style of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (sixth edition).

Address scientific communications to:
Laurence J. Kirmayer, MD, Editor-in-Chief
Transcultural Psychiatry, McGill University
1033 Pine Ave. West
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3A 1A1
Telephone: 514-398-7302
Fax: 514-375-1459
transcultural.psychiatry [at] (E-mail)

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