Training and Research Transcultural Team

Director: Cécile Rousseau, MD, MSc

The Training and Research Transcultural Team is a multidisciplinary consultation team that offers assessment, consultation and treatment for refugee and migrant children and their families. The most common clinical problems concern war trauma, the transgenerational transmission of trauma, cultural adaptation, and identity questions. The team has strong ties with community organizations and schools. Pilot projects of prevention programme in three schools with multiethnic population are underway. An ongoing seminar on models of care in transcultural psychiatry provides a framework for academic discussion of the clinical issues encountered.

Current research projects include:

  • Risk and protective factors for refugee children and adolescents (longitudinal study)
  • Family separation and reunification for refugee populations
  • Migratory myths of young refugees from Guatemala and Somalia
  • Evaluation of school programmes for refugee children

The Training and Research Transcultural Team offers a research and/or clinical fellowship.

Contact information

Training and Research Transcultural Team
CSSS de la Montagne (CLSC Park Extension)
7085 Hutchison Street
Montreal, Quebec
H3N 1Y9

Tel.: 514-273-3800 ext. 6452

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