Indigenous Mental Health Interest Group - Projects

We are community members, researchers, clinicians, and students at McGill and other institutions in Quebec who aim to support collaboration with Indigenous communities in the broad area of mental health research, policy and practice.

Together, we represent different projects working towards holistic, inclusive, and participatory mental health promotion and services for Indigenous Peoples. Projects below are research projects and/or prevention programs that we are part of. 


ACCESS Open Minds (OM): pan-Canadian research project, evaluating the implementation of an integrated youth mental health service model at diverse clinical sites across the country

Atautsikut: Atautsikut, togetherness in Inuktitut, is the name of the Community of Practice (CoP) in youth mental health and wellness that is being developed in the 14 communities of Nunavik which aim to support front-line workers.

Buena Semilla: community-based program in Guatemala for Indigenous wellbeing promotion aiming to create and support culturally safe space for communities

Cultural and Indigenous Research in Counselling Psychology (CIRC): research program focusing on cultural research pertaining to counselling psychology and related mental health disciplines, with a particular focus on partnering with Indigenous communities within Canada. 

Growth and empowerment measure adapted for the Indigenous in Quebec – utility evaluation for psychiatric measurement and intervention: research project aiming to integrate Growth and Empowerment Measure scales in existing services to improve communication between Indigenous cultural perspective of patients and biomedical view of healthcare staff.

Irnisursiriartutuq nunaringngitamini (Birthing Outside the Community)longitudinal observational study is to better understand and determine the associations among childbirth evacuation, perinatal mental health, and infant growth/development for Inuit mother-infant pairs in Nunavik.

Listening to One Another to Grow Strong (LTOA): community-driven and culturally adapted program for Indigenous youth and their caretakers’ wellbeing implemented across Canada.

More Than Words: Studying the Impact of Arts Based Survivor Engagement on Families and Communities: research project aiming to supporting Indigenous young people as knowers, actors and community leaders in tackling sexual and gender-based violence calls for ensuring that they have the tools that allowe them to speak and speak back on issues as they see them. 

Networks for Change and Well-being: Girl-led ‘from the ground up: research project that aims to address sexual violence in Canada and South Africa 

PreVenture: personality targeted, prevention program for youth substance use delivered in Canada and with several adaptations worldwide.

Qanuikkat Siqinirmiut (QS) ? (How are the Inuit in the South ?): Large scale survey about urban Inuit health and wellbeing in Southern Quebec. 

Standing Together Through Art : initiative that wishes to contribute to personal and community wellness in the face of the pandemic by turning to the expressive and evocative power of art.

Tahatikonhsontóntie’ Québec Network Environment for Indigenous Health Research (NEIHR): center for research and training in community mobilization and knowledge translation for Indigenous health promotion. Network partners include Indigenous communities, Indigenous-serving organizations, academic researchers and institutions, and decision-makers and knowledge users.

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