Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) Electrical Engineering (Non-Thesis) (45 credits)

Offered by: Electrical & Computer Engr     Degree: Master of Engineering

Program Requirements

The Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering; Non-Thesis program is a professional course-based program of 45 credits. The program provides a solid background in electrical and computer engineering, both in terms of breadth across the entire field and depth in the area of specialty. The program structure allows students to complete the program in three semesters. A part-time program is possible.

Complementary Courses (45 credits)

Full-time students must complete the program in three years.

45 credits of 500- or 600- courses, of which no more than 16 credits may be outside the Department.
Students may not take Thesis Research courses - ECSE 691 to ECSE 697.

* Non-departmental courses require Departmental Approval. In exceptional circumstances and with proper justification, students may be permitted to take more than 16 credits of non-Departmental courses; approval from the Graduate Program Director or delegate is required.

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