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ANAT 565 Diseases-Membrane Trafficking (3 unités)

Offered by: Anatomie et biologie cell. (Faculté des sciences)

Vue d'ensemble

Anatomie et biologie cellulaire : This course will examine how research into diseases has played a key role in unraveling the intricate molecular mechanisms controlling membrane trafficking in mammalian cells. Membrane trafficking disorders fall into two groups those arising from a) membrane-associated or b) cytoskeletal defect. Topics include a) mechanisms of endosomal maturation, lysosomal storage disorders and rab protein-mediated vesicular trafficking and b) rho GTPase and cytoskeletal binding protein mediated trafficking associated with neurological diseases and cancer.

Terms: Hiver 2022

Instructors: Presley, John; Lefrancois, Stephane; Lamarche, Nathalie; Nilsson, Tommy; Pshezhetsky, Alexei (Winter)

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