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The Language and Intercultural Communication Unit – French Language Programs

The School of Continuing Studies' Language and Intercultural Communication unit offers high-quality French language instruction to meet the needs of a wide-ranging clientele such as professionals, new Montrealers, and students who want to accelerate their integration into Quebec or another French-speaking community. Language and Intercultural Communication's part-time and full-time programs help learners achieve competence in both oral and written French, and lead to the McGill Certificate of Proficiency. Using stimulating and effective teaching methods as well as the latest technology, the Language and Intercultural Communication unit's dynamic teaching team helps learners improve their French as quickly and as efficiently as possible, opening doors to new professional, academic, and cultural opportunities in Quebec and beyond.

Academic, Cultural, and Professional Development Opportunities

Academic, Cultural, and Professional Development Opportunities for French Language Learners

The School of Continuing Studies Language and Intercultural Communication unit offers enriching second-language instruction for:

  • International students
  • Business professionals
  • Elementary and high school teachers
  • College and university professors
  • Individuals transferred to Montreal
  • Recent immigrants
  • Incoming McGill students
  • Other School of Continuing Studies learners

For more information:

  • Effie Dracopoulos, Associate Director
  • Telephone: 514-398-1201
  • Fax: 514-398-1769
  • Email: effie.dracopoulos [at]
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