ECON 480 Research Project 1 (3 credits)

Offered by: Economics (Faculty of Arts)


Economics (Arts) : In this course students must undertake a research project under close supervision. They must also do such special reading and research as their advisers direct.

Terms: Fall 2017, Winter 2018, Summer 2018

Instructors: Erin Strumpf, Licun Xue, Christopher Green, Robin Thomas Naylor, John W Galbraith, Kenneth MacKenzie, Francisco Alvarez-Cuadrado, Matthieu Chemin, Francesco Amodio, Laura Lasio (Fall) Fabian Lange, Kenneth MacKenzie (Winter) Francesco Amodio, Licun Xue (Summer)

  • Restrictions: Open to U3 students only. Not open to students who have taken ECON 481. A minimum average GPA of 3.15 is required in ECON 250D/230D, ECON 352D/330D and ECON 257D/227D as well as in all economics courses. Students must complete a Research Project Registration Form, have it signed by the professor who has agreed to supervise the research project, countersigned by the Director of the Undergraduate Program in Economics, and submit it to the Economics Department Office prior to registering in this course. A student cannot take this course more than once for credit.

  • The duration and amount of work required for ECON 480 has to be commensurate with that for 400 level courses.