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Social Work (SWRK)



  • School of Social Work
  • Wilson Hall, Suite 300
  • 3506 University Street
  • Montreal, Quebec H3A 2A7
  • Telephone: 514-398-7070
  • Fax: 514-398-4760
  • Email: undergraduate.socialwork [at]
  • Website:

About Social Work

About Social Work

The School of Social Work offers an undergraduate program leading to a Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W.) degree. The B.S.W. program:

  1. prepares students for generalist social work practice in a range of health and social service positions (the B.S.W. represents the point of admission into the Ordre des Travailleurs Sociaux et des Thérapeutes Conjugaux et Familiaux du Québec (OTSTCFQ) and the Canadian Association of Social Workers);
  2. prepares students for entry into specialized professional studies at the graduate level.

A 90-credit program is offered to students entering from CEGEP or equivalent, students who transfer from within McGill or other universities, and mature students.

Note: Quebec law requires that candidates seeking admission to the OTSTCFQ possess a working knowledge of the French language, i.e., be able to communicate verbally and in writing in that language. For further information, refer to Programs, Courses and University Regulations > University Regulations and Resources > Undergraduate > Language Requirements for Professions.

Applications are encouraged from persons of diverse backgrounds, including aboriginal peoples, members of minority groups, and persons of low income.

The objectives of the B.S.W. program are to provide an academic environment within which students will develop:

  • integrated social work knowledge pertaining to its history, theoretical foundations, research base, practice modalities, and policies that influence the delivery of health and social services;
  • professional skills in the well-established methods of practice with individuals, families, and groups in communities and organizations;
  • an understanding of social policy in Canada, the factors, processes, and forces that shape it, and the skills to intervene;
  • an awareness of the various dimensions of diversity and how they intersect in an increasingly heterogeneous society;
  • a sense of identity with the profession of social work, which implies awareness of self as the intervening agent in practice, a sense of responsibility that accompanies the act of intervention, and sensitivity to the ethical issues that arise in practice; and,
  • a commitment to advancing knowledge and improving skills in social work practice that are the prerequisites for entering into more specialized professional studies at the graduate level.

Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W.) – Three-Year Program – Admission

Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W.) – Three-Year Program – Admission

Three categories of applicants are eligible to apply for September admission to the three-year Bachelor of Social Work:

  • Applicants who have completed a DEC from CEGEP or have completed equivalent studies with better-than-average grades and have related social work experience will be considered for admission to a minimum 90-credit program.
  • Transfer Students

    Students who have begun undergraduate degree programs either at McGill or at other universities may apply to transfer to the School of Social Work. In order to qualify as a transfer student, applicants are expected to have a B average in their coursework (minimum 3.00 CGPA). While previously taken credits may be accepted toward the B.S.W. program requirements, accepted applicants will be required to complete a minimum of 60 approved McGill credits over three academic years. Accepted transfer credits are assessed individually at the point of admission.

    Students wishing to transfer after their Freshman year must have completed the minimum 24 credits required for the Arts Freshman Program. Completion of these credits does not exempt students from any of the course requirements for the B.S.W. degree (90 credits), nor decrease their credit requirement (120 credits).

  • Mature Students

    Residents of Canada who are 23 years of age or older, and who lack the academic background normally required for admission, may apply for entrance as mature students. To be considered for the B.S.W. program, applicants must have had significant paid or volunteer community work experience in related fields, and must also have completed, within the last three years, a minimum of two appropriate courses at the college or university level, achieving a grade of B or better in each. However, all coursework completed in the last five years will also be taken into account.

Enrolment in the B.S.W. program is limited. Candidates, whether entering or transferring, are expected to have better-than-average grades. Within the group of applicants who meet the academic requirements, preference is given to those who have had significant social work-related experience, paid or volunteer, and also to those who demonstrate personal suitability for the social work profession.

More details on entrance requirements can be found at

While not a prerequisite for admission, working knowledge of the French language is important not only for candidates who intend to seek admission to the OTSTCFQ, but also for those who will be completing a field placement in the province of Quebec.

Programs, Courses and University Regulations—2012-2013 (last updated Nov. 5, 2012) (disclaimer)

Social Work (SWRK) Faculty

Social Work (SWRK) Faculty

Wendy Thomson
Linda Davies; B.S.W., M.S.W.(McG.), Ph.D.(N. Lond. Poly.)
Wendy Thomson; B.S.W., M.S.W.(McG.), Ph.D.(Brist.)
James Torczyner; B.H.L.(Yeshiva), M.S.W., D.S.W.(Calif.)
Nico Trocmé; B.A., M.S.W., Ph.D.(Tor.) (The Philip Fisher Chair in Social Work)
Associate Professors
Sharon Bond; B.A.(Sir G. Wms.), B.Sc.(Montr.), M.S.W., Ph.D.(McG.)
Shari Brotman; B.S.W., M.S.W.(McG.), Ph.D.(Tor.)
Myriam Denov; B.A.(Tor.), B.S.W.(McG.), M.A.(Ott.), Ph.D.(Camb.)
Sydney Duder; B.Sc., M.S.W., Dip.Adv.Soc.Wk.Pr., Ph.D.(McG.)
Amanda Grenier; B.S.W.(Windsor), M.S.W., Ph.D.(McG.)
Estelle Hopmeyer; B.A., M.S.W.(McG.)
Julia Krane; B.A.(Ott.), B.S.W.(McG.), M.S.W., Ph.D.(Tor.)
Lucyna Lach; B.A., M.S.W., Ph.D.(Tor.)
Assistant Professors
Delphine Collin-Vézina; B.Sc., Ph.D.(Montr.)
Jill Hanley; B.A., B.S.W.(McG.), M.A.(Tufts), Ph.D.(Montr.)
Nicole Ives; B.A.(Col.), M.S.W., Ph.D.(Penn.)
Heather MacIntosh; B.A., Ph.D.(Ott.)
David Rothwell; B.A.(Pitzer), M.S.W.(Tulane), Ph.D.(Hawaii)
Tamara Sussman; B.A., B.S.W., M.S.W.(McG.), Ph.D.(Tor.)
Professor of Practice in Public Policy and Global Health Diplomacy
Nick Drager; B.Sc., M.D.,C.M.(McG.), Ph.D.(Geneva)
Field Education Program
Francine Granner; B.S.W., M.S.W.(McG.)
Karen Hetherington; B.A.(C'dia), M.A.(Montr.)
Programs, Courses and University Regulations—2012-2013 (last updated Nov. 5, 2012) (disclaimer)

Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W.) - Social Work (Three-Year Program) (90 credits)

Field Practicum ...

For more information, see Social Work (Three-Year Program) (90 credits).

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