About the Faculty of Arts (Undergraduate)

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About the Faculty of Arts (Undergraduate)

The McGill campus is an oasis in the heart of the business, cultural, and entertainment centres of downtown Montreal. At the centre of the Downtown campus is the Arts Building, the oldest building on campus and the University’s flagship. It houses classrooms, administrative offices, and Moyse Hall, an elegant and superbly equipped theatre. For years, the front steps of the Arts Building have been a favourite spot to meet and to take a respite from the rigours of coursework. In addition to the Arts Building, the Faculty of Arts is housed in 24 other buildings across campus, including historic houses and former apartment buildings.

Occupying a place literally and figuratively at the heart of the University, the Faculty of Arts has enjoyed steady growth since it was established in 1843 and remains by far the largest faculty at McGill with over 280 tenured or tenure-track scholars, over 6,000 undergraduates, over 1,000 graduate students, and several hundred courses. Despite the numbers, the majority of classes in Arts are smaller than those offered by any other large research university in Canada. The Faculty maintains bilateral exchange programs with many universities around the world and encourages students to spend a term or two studying abroad, either independently or through an exchange program. Internships are rapidly becoming an important part of an undergraduate degree. The Faculty of Arts Internship Office assists students who wish to pursue short-term internship opportunities at the undergraduate level. Each year, over 200 of our students intern with organizations around the globe.

McGill is known throughout the world as one of Canada’s premier institutions of learning and as one of the leading research universities in the world. Professors at McGill are leaders in their fields of expertise and leaders in education. Many of them have been the recipients of awards for innovations in teaching. The Faculty of Arts prides itself on being immediately responsive to developments and changes both within and outside academia and on developing its curricula to reflect these new realities.

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