Dean’s Message

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Dean’s Message

June 2011

Rapid change in the world around us has become part of our collective and individual social realities. To name just a few examples, there has been an explosion of knowledge and new technologies, greater awareness of what makes a healthy society, and a wealth of new career opportunities only dreamt of just a decade ago.

The School of Continuing Studies embraces positive change. In fact, it’s our raison d’être. For years, we have brought together the people, programs and opportunities that allow and support an entire community of motivated individuals to change together. To facilitate this level of profound change, an organization like ours strives for and nurtures fruitful relationships.

At the university level, we have deep connections with McGill’s faculties and schools and their expertise. Our teaching staff are top professionals who invest a great deal of time and energy to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with our learners. Over the past few years we have become increasingly connected to other groups and individuals in various communities and countries, all in an effort to benefit our multi-faceted community of 12,000-plus.

Our clientele are motivated learners – goal-oriented individuals learning a second or third language, acquiring new professional skills, making the leap to a new career or pursuing personal growth. Not surprisingly, one word that often comes up at the School of Continuing Studies is “catalyst” – we are an important catalyst in the lives of many in our community.

Since we have been instrumental in transforming lives, many of our alumni return to donate towards awards, bursaries and other worthy causes. That’s how fondly they think of us – we provided the opportunity to learn and make the connections that helped them change their lives for the better.

As part of our own evolution, we have a new name*, have renamed our program units and recently added many new programs, courses and workshops. Through our wide and stimulating offerings, we provide you with the opportunities and support you need for career changes and personal growth. I invite you to join us on the rewarding path of lifelong learning.

Dr. Judith Potter

Dean of Continuing Studies, McGill University

* We were formerly called the Centre for Continuing Education.

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