Industrial Relations

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Industrial Relations



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About Industrial Relations

About Industrial Relations

Industrial Relations is an interdisciplinary program, enabling students in the Faculty of Arts to study Labour-Management Relations. Students take courses in Economics, Labour-Management Relations and Sociology. These courses examine the economic and social forces affecting employer-employee relations in both national and global contexts.

Further Information

Further Information

Changes may be made in the program after this publication was prepared. For the most up-to-date information on the program, new and returning students should refer to the website.



For a list of advisers, new and returning students should refer to the website.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) - Faculty Program Industrial Relations (54 credits)

The Faculty Program Industrial Relations provides students with a basic knowledge of industrial relations institutions and practices as well as the principal social and economic forces that underlie them. The program is composed of 54 credits of courses drawn from the Departments of Economics and Sociology within the Faculty of Arts and from labour-management relations within the Desautels Faculty of Management

Credits outside Arts and Science: Students in the Faculty Program Industrial Relations may take no more than 30 credits in courses outside of the Faculties of Arts and of Science. This total includes required and complementary courses taken for the IR Program and elective courses. Moreover, in the U1 year a student should take at most only one 3-credit elective course in the Desautels Faculty of Management in addition to the required courses, INDR 294 and MGCR 222.

Faculty of Arts regulations about "Courses Outside the Faculties of Arts and of Science" may be found with the Arts guidelines for "Course Requirements." 

Continuance in the Program:

To remain in the program beyond the first year, students must take the six "U1 Required Courses" listed below during their first year and earn a 2.50 GPA in ECON 208, ECON 209, SOCI 235, SOCI 312 and INDR 294.

Note: Continuing Education courses may not be used to fulfil IR program requirements. Similarly, courses in Continuing Education taken before entering the program may not be used to fulfil program requirements.

Required Courses (42 credits)

U1 Required

ECON 208 (3) Microeconomic Analysis and Applications
ECON 209 (3) Macroeconomic Analysis and Applications
INDR 294 (3) Introduction to Labour-Management Relations
MGCR 222 (3) Introduction to Organizational Behaviour
SOCI 235 (3) Technology and Society
SOCI 312 (3) Sociology of Work and Industry

U2 Required

ECON 306D1 (3) Labour Economics and Institutions
ECON 306D2 (3) Labour Economics and Institutions
INDR 494 (3) Labour Law
ORGB 423 (3) Human Resources Management
SOCI 304 (3) Sociology of the Welfare State
SOCI 420 (3) Organizations

U3 Required

INDR 492 (3) Globalization and Labour Policy
INDR 496 (3) Collective Bargaining

Complementary Courses (12 credits)

U2 Complementary

6 credits of statistics courses (either Economics or Sociology but not both):

ECON 227D1 (3) Economic Statistics
ECON 227D2 (3) Economic Statistics
SOCI 350 (3) Statistics in Social Research
SOCI 461 (3) Quantitative Data Analysis

U3 Complementary

6 credits from the following:

ECON 305 (3) Industrial Organization
ECON 308 (3) Governmental Policy Towards Business
ECON 310 (3) Introduction to Behavioural Economics
ECON 426 (3) Labour Economics
INDR 449 (3) Occupational Health and Safety
INDR 459 (3) International Employment Relations
INDR 497 (3) Contract Administration
INDR 499 (3) Internship in Industrial Relations
SOCI 321 (3) Gender and Work
SOCI 354 (3) Dynamics of Industrial Societies
Faculty of Arts—2010-2011 (last updated Apr. 22, 2010) (disclaimer)
Faculty of Arts—2010-2011 (last updated Apr. 22, 2010) (disclaimer)