Canadian Ethnic and Racial Studies Minor Concentration

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Canadian Ethnic and Racial Studies Minor Concentration



  • Department of Sociology
  • Leacock 714
  • Telephone: 514-398-6853
  • Email: morton.weinfeld [at]

About Canadian Ethnic and Racial Studies Minor Concentration

About Canadian Ethnic and Racial Studies Minor Concentration

The Minor Concentration in Canadian Ethnic and Racial Studies is an interdisciplinary program administered by the Faculty of Arts. It is affiliated with the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada. The Concentration can be taken in conjunction with any primary program in Arts or Science. It offers to undergraduate students a structured framework in which to appreciate the range of social scientific approaches to the study of ethnic diversity in Canada.

The terms “ethnic” and “racial” are used in a very broad sense, to include the full spectrum of ethnic, cultural, aboriginal, linguistic, and racial groups in Canada.

The disciplines featured in the program are Sociology, Anthropology, Geography, History, and Political Science. In special cases, courses taken from other Arts departments, and other units at McGill, may be considered (e.g., Social Work, Education), with the consent of the Chair. The same is true of new relevant courses not yet listed in the program requirements.

Apart from the intrinsic interest and importance of the subject, the Concentration may be of practical use. Students pursuing further graduate and professional training or employment in a variety of areas will find familiarity with issues relating to cultural diversity to be an asset. These include the fields of health, social services, education, law, law enforcement, human resources and personnel; occupations in government agencies, in ethnocultural and other non-governmental organizations; and graduate work in all the social sciences.

The Canadian Ethnic and Racial Studies Concentration will also sponsor programs of interest for the McGill Community during the course of the year. Students interested in registering in this program should contact the Chair.

Canadian Ethnic and Racial Studies Minor Concentration Faculty

Canadian Ethnic and Racial Studies Minor Concentration Faculty

Morton Weinfeld (Sociology)
Advisory Committee
G. Burgos (Sociology)
Ian H. Henderson (Religious Studies)
A. Hsia (German Studies)
S. T. Saideman (Political Science)
J. Torczyner (Social Work)
U. Turgay (Islamic Studies)
Faculty of Arts—2010-2011 (last updated Apr. 22, 2010) (disclaimer)

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) - Minor Concentration Canadian Ethnic and Racial Studies (18 credits)

Required Courses (9 credits)

SOCI 210 (3) Sociological Perspectives
SOCI 230 (3) Sociology of Ethnic Relations
SOCI 475 (3) Canadian Ethnic Studies Seminar

Note: Of the 18 credits, selected with due regard to Faculty guidelines and course prerequisites, at least 9 must be above the 200-level.

Complementary Courses (9 credits)

9 credits, at least 6 of which must be at the 300-level or higher, selected from two of the following departmental lists:


ANTH 202 (3) Comparative Cultures
ANTH 205 (3) Cultures of the World
ANTH 306 (3) Native Peoples' History in Canada
ANTH 320 (3) Social Evolution
ANTH 333 (3) Class and Ethnicity
ANTH 338 (3) Native Peoples of North America
ANTH 436 (3) North American Native Peoples


GEOG 301 (3) Geography of Nunavut
GEOG 331 (3) Urban Social Geography
GEOG 424 (3) Europe: Places and Peoples


HIST 203 (3) Survey: Canada since 1867
HIST 371 (3) American Civil Rights 1877-1940
HIST 408 (3) Colonialism and Native Peoples
HIST 423 (3) Topics: Migration and Ethnicity
HIST 442 (3) Asian Diaspora: Chinese Overseas
HIST 471D1 (3) Canadian Immigration History
HIST 471D2 (3) Canadian Immigration History

Political Science

POLI 226 (3) La vie politique québécoise
POLI 321 (3) Issues: Canadian Public Policy
POLI 336 (3) Le Québec et le Canada
POLI 411 (3) Immigration and Multiculturalism in Canada
POLI 412 (3) Canadian Voting/Public Opinion
POLI 431 (3) Nations and States/Developed World
POLI 478 (3) The Canadian Constitution


SOCI 234 (3) Population and Society
SOCI 327 (3) Jews in North America
SOCI 333 (3) Social Stratification
SOCI 353 (3) Inequality and Social Conflict
SOCI 519 (3) Gender and Globalization
SOCI 520 (3) Migration and Immigrant Groups
SOCI 529 (3) Political Sociology 1

Social Work

SWRK 400 (3) Policy and Practice for Refugees
Faculty of Arts—2010-2011 (last updated Apr. 22, 2010) (disclaimer)
Faculty of Arts—2010-2011 (last updated Apr. 22, 2010) (disclaimer)