Research Priorities and Themes

Interdisciplinary research

Supporting innovative, interdisciplinary, collaborative and policy-relevant global health research is a top priority.

Developing methods and tools, identifying and measuring causal factors and effects, predicting health outcomes and evaluating interventions are at the core of the School of Population and Global Health’s research initiatives.

The School’s research is based on the following priorities and themes:

  1. Reduce health disparities in Canada and globally
  2. Improve the health and wellbeing of individuals and populations through the life cycle
  3. Create efficient curative and preventive health systems
  4. Build healthy, sustainable environments and communities
  5. Develop novel public and population health research methods

The new SPGH will bring together investigators from diverse disciplinary backgrounds (geography, sociology, psychology, management, law, etc.) and departmental affiliations who will develop new quantitative, qualitative and interdisciplinary methods for the study of the determinants of health and of the impact of public health and clinical interventions on the health and well-being of populations worldwide. The School will make use of large-scale research data platforms developed with the McGill affiliated teaching hospitals, government, corporate partners as well as other novel research platforms and infrastructure.

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