Turning knowledge into local solutions for global issues

Knowledge translation turns research results into usable information and creates concrete gains in health and wellbeing for communities. Moving new knowledge rapidly and efficiently into effective policies, programs and practices to meet the needs in today's fast-paced changing landscape. 

By assembling interdisciplinary and intersectoral expertise and by breaking down silos, we co-create platforms to promote novel research and education within global health and medical communities. 

We are a hub of global public health expertise for communities, NGOs, other institutions and industries. Our experts are ready to partner for consultations, evaluations, research, or other support and services. 

COVID-19 Immunity Task Force

Magnified rendering of the coronavirus pathogen

The Secretariat for the national task force on COVID-19 immunity is housed at the School of Population and Global Health including Dr. Timothy Evans as executive director and Dr. Catherine Hankins as co-chair.

Queen Elizabeth Scholars

Scholarships for students participating in research focused on climate change in Canada, the Caribbean region and globally.

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