Special Seminar: How to be Anti-Colonial in Community-Based Research

Wednesday, September 27, 2023 16:30to19:30
Room 1140 and Online, 2001 McGill College, Montreal, QC, H3A 1G1, CA
mural showing a man with a cricket bat and a basket ball hoop

The Advocating for vaccine Confidence and Trust (ACT) Project invites the McGill community to a special panel with academics and community organizers to engage in dialogue about best practices in community research.


This panel is funded by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) Café Scientifique program. It will focus on how we can decolonize community-based research using an anti-colonial and intersectional lens. There is a growing concern among community members and leaders of data exploitation and extraction, which is continuing the legacy of colonialism: exploitation of communities in the name of institutional benefit. We are hosting this panel to engage in critical consciousness and hear from community organizers and researchers what challenges they've faced, what they need and how we can move forward and reshape institutions to improve partnerships between communities and academics.


  • Rose Ndjel, Executive Director, Afrique au Féminin
  • Dr. Patricia Li, Clinician-Scientist, Centre for Health Outcomes Research (MUHC)
  • Dr. Juan Carlos Chirgwin, Family Physician, CLSC de Parc-Extension
  • Salwa Ben Belgacem, Coordinator, Park-Extension Roundtable
  • Alex Megelas, Co-Founder, Park-Extension Community-Based Action Research Network
  • Dr. Baijayanta Mukhopadhyay, Director, Office of Social Accountability and Community Engagement at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Light refreshments will be served at 6:00 PM

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