We have been contacted by several researchers interested in replicating or extending the work we have done on a visual search approach to attentional training. We are making available here some versions of our tasks.
Using the menu to the left of the screen you can access versions of the standard 16-item self-esteem matrix, or a newer 2-item version that is not yet published but produced comparable results. You have the option of linking directly to the games on our server, or downloading the games to post on your own server (e.g., if you are running in a lab without internet access). These versions are programmed in Flash, which allows them to run on most internet browsers. As such, the program is not identical to the original version but it is as close as we could make it. Also, the images used in the game are not the same as in the published version because of restrictions that did not permit posting those images on the web, but they are comparable and have shown comparable effects in unpublished research. Please note that the images in these games have been provided to us with a limited waiver and should not be extracted or used for any purpose other than intended here.

All of these materials are provided free of charge, for research purposes only. Note that the tasks have been licensed to a spinoff company for the purpose of commercialization, so any commercialization of these tasks or their derivatives would be allowed only via license with that company. You can contact Dr. Mark Baldwin at mark.baldwin [at] for further information.

We would be very interested to hear of any results you find (or don't find!) with our materials, and we're always available to discuss research on this topic.

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