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FAQs for Incoming Students

  • Will the SLP program be taught in-person or on-line in Fall 2020?

McGill University will be offering the fall 2020 MSc Applied program via remote teaching platforms. The university is committed to protecting your health and safety while ensuring continuity of our academic programs. All lectures and many labs will be taught through MyCourses and Zoom. We will provide links to resources to help you become comfortable with these resources.

  • If courses are taught on-line, do I have to be present on the McGill campus in Montreal for the Fall 2020 semester?

No, but we strongly encourage you to be in Montreal for the first term so that you can benefit from opportunities to meet your peers, participate in McGill extra-curricular events, and complete hands-on clinical skills labs and practicum activities (adapted to ensure the health and safety of all participants). However, we know that some students may not be able to come to Montreal immediately due to extraordinary circumstances. In these cases, we will make sure that you receive an equivalent educational experience.

  • With the switch to remote learning for Fall 2020, will the MSc Applied program maintain the same quality and cover all of the content that I need to practice as a future SLP?

Absolutely. Be assured that the quality and integrity of our SLP program will be maintained even though we will teach as much of the fall term content as we can on remote learning platforms. We will ensure that you learn all foundational knowledge and clinical competencies required according to accreditation guidelines. When you graduate you will meet the requirements for practice as a speech-language pathologist in Canada. Fortunately, the first term is concerned with foundational material and thus these courses can be shifted easily to on-line learning. Some clinical labs can be taught in person by taking the necessary safety precautions.

  • Why is it strongly recommended that I move to Montreal for the Fall 2020 semester if most of the curriculum is learned remotely?

Certain skills training cannot be done effectively in a remote learning format; we are therefore planning some on-campus in-person learning experiences that you would benefit from. We also think it best for you to get comfortable with campus life in these new times, learning the procedures for staying safe while interacting with your professors and peers and using the facilities of our school. We anticipate other on campus activities that involve meeting your advisor in small groups and meeting your peers for social activities.

  • What types of in-person teaching activities will take place in the Fall 2020 semester?

We have planned laboratory activities that are taught routinely but adapted to minimize the number of trips that you need to make onto campus. Specifically, in SCSD 681 Practicum & Seminar I and in SCSD 637 Developmental Language Disorders I you will attend campus to practice test administration in the laboratory classroom, under supervision and with strict health and safety protocols in place. Other in-person learning activities may be considered as the situation develops.

  • How will I complete in-person teaching labs if I can’t move to Montreal for the fall semester?

If you are unable to attend the scheduled in-person labs in Fall 2020, we will help you to complete the activities during the winter 2021 semester.

  • Do I have to be present on the McGill campus for the Winter 2021 semester?

Yes. It is expected that adapted in-person learning will fully resume for the Winter 2021 semester. You must also be in Montreal at the start of the winter 2021 term in order to participate in your winter practicum.


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