SCSD Graduate Student Society (SCSD-GSS)

McGill Positions


Act as spokesperson whenever necessary; communicate with faculty and students; recruit students to organize events and activities and make sure that everything goes smoothly; liaise with students in other departments; maintain GSS Constitution; conduct council meetings and elections; maintain records as required by PGSS; help Treasurer maintain budget; communicate with PGSS Student Life Coordinator (Jenna McMullan) about social events and finances.

emily.buddo [at] (Emily Buddo)


Aid President in running council meetings, maintaining records, acting as liaison between students, staff, and other departments.

katelyn.bernier [at] (Katelyn Bernier)


Keeping track of both the PGSS and the internal funds. Recording how the PGSS money is divided based on the constitution (1/2 is communal, of the other 1/2, 1/3 goes to first year students, 1/3 goes to second year students and 1/3 goes to PhD and post-doc students). Keeping in contact with Jenna McMullan, the student life PGSS coordinator; supplying her with receipts to receive cheques.

andrea.rezendes [at] (Andrea Rezendes)


Take notes at all meetings, type them up to send to all students, the faculty advisor, and upload to Dropbox; maintain electronic copies of all GSS documents (financial records, agendas, meetings, templates, etc.)

hope.anderson [at] (Hope Anderson)


As the designated correspondent between the GSS and all researchers at SCSD (MSc, PhD, Post-Doc), the research rep communicates relevant info from the GSS executive to the researchers and from the researchers to the executives. The research rep is also responsible for the allocation of the research-specific funds provided by PGSS, which should be decided upon by all members of the research body. In previous years, the funds went towards an annual (Ph)D-Day hosted at the beginning of the year, during which all new and current students had a chance to learn about each other’s work and to build a social circle within the department. The research rep should communicate with the orientation committee and social committee regarding orientation and sharing of appropriate funds for these events.

alexandre.herbay [at] (Alexandre Herbay)


Designated correspondent between the GSS and the M.Sc.A 1 class.

To be filled in the fall


Attend monthly PGSS meetings at Thomson House. Whenever possible/necessary updates should be provided to the department on important issues that are discussed at the meetings. Prior to Council Meeting, documentation should be read so that members can be polled on important questions concerning the department, in order to cast a representative vote at the Council Meeting.

yondu.mori [at] (Yondu Mori)


Plan and execute social events, coordinate use of funds with the Treasurer, fill out necessary paperwork with PGSS for events, inform students about upcoming events.  Examples of social activities include attending organizing outings like ice skating or snowshoeing, holiday parties, potluck dinners, happy hours, etc. The social committee should communicate with the research rep when planning events that use shared funds.

terence.dunn [at] (TJ Dunn)

claudio.ales [at] (Claudio Ales)


Act as the S-LP program’s primary point of contact for other student groups in healthcare disciplines and related fields. Promote interdisciplinary collaboration. Act as liaison with groups such as FRESQue and msHPA.

laura.pattison [at] (Laura Pattison)

allison.chen [at] (Allison Chen)


Organize workshops throughout the year based on student interests; collaborate with other departments, universities, and organizations in the participation of conferences in the area, as needed.  Work especially with the treasurer and SAC representative to work out funding details. French required.

allison.chen [at] (Allison Chen)

Internal Positions (M.Sc.A)


Represent and provide input on behalf of the students and their views, and attend faculty meetings if specific subject(s) need to be addressed. Provide summaries of the meeting proceedings to SCSD-GSA periodically. [at] (Felix Li )


Representative for National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association (student version of American Speech-Language Hearing Association). May be useful for student interested in working in the USA; contact is Dr. Elin Thordardottir.

To be filled in the fall


Communicate SAC opportunities and deadlines to classmates, organize the SAC presentation, attend two teleconferences, and write an article for Student Speak.

valerie.kula [at] (Valerie Kula)


Representative for the Ordre des Orthophonistes et Audiologistes du Québec (Regulatory/licensing body for Québec); responsible for contacting as necessary.

valerie.kula [at] (Valerie Kula)

AQOA REP (optional)

Representative for L'Association Québécoise des Orthophonistes et des Audiologistes; no current representative but if interested, please visit their webpage or Facebook group for contact information.

valerie.kula [at] (Valerie Kula)


Match up incoming students with second-year students; “buddies” serve as mentors and provide information and guidance as necessary; committee members will send out a welcome letter to new students during the summer prior to their first year.

claudio.ales [at] (Claudio Ales)

benjamin.gaunce [at] (Ben Gaunce )


Plan and lead a week of activities to welcome incoming students during the first week of the fall semester (sample activities include orientation day icebreakers, a scavenger hunt, laser tag, campus tour, 5-à-7, potluck dinner, etc.) ; organize events for first-year students to get to know each other and the second-years; be available to answer questions and help new students settle into Montreal and SCSD; review SCSD’s official orientation day schedule with Antoinette before leaving in April; be available on SCSD orientation day to be involved in SCSD activities. The orientation committee should communicate with the research rep when planning orientation if using shared funds and if planning the events for all students in the SCSD.

claudio.alex [at] (Claudio Ales)

emily.buddo [at] (Emily Buddo)

katelyn.bernier [at] (Katelyn Bernier)

hilary.carroll [at] (Hilary Carroll)

benjamin.gaunce [at] (Ben Gaunce)


Coordinate meetings of each class in second semester with program director.

meghan.hollett [at] (Meghan Hollett)


Organise and hold fundraisers to raise money for the M.Sc.A’s use (for orientation activities and graduation). Examples of fundraisers include: bake sales, keeping a snack bar stocked in the lounge (coffee, candy, chips, granola bars, etc.), having a “bagel and coffee” day, etc.

katelyn.bernier [at] (Katelyn Bernier )

liora.matthews [at] (Liora Matthews )


Duties include planning, organizing, and carrying out any sort of good deed within the community, as well as selecting an organization to support financially through fundraising. Examples of community service activities include: clothing drive, serving at the mission, canned food drive, organizing a benefit concert, etc.

hilary.carroll [at] (Hilary Carroll)

laurie.slater [at] (Laurie Slater)

valerie.kula [at] (Valerie Kula)


Organize the sale and distribution of various products (ex. t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, mugs, etc.) with our department name and McGill insignia on them through a company affiliated with McGill University. [at] (Felix Li)


Plan and coordinate all graduation-related activities, including finding a photographer and organizing a class photo (including framing a photo for the department), planning a graduation trip/party, framing degrees, etc. and sharing this information with the graduating class. Coordinate the selection and giving of gifts, cards, etc. for faculty members according to class decisions. Graduation events shall be organized as per the class’ preference. 

hope.anderson [at] (Hope Anderson)

emily.buddo [at] (Emily Buddo)

benjamin.gaunce [at] (Ben Gaunce )

laura.pattison [at] (Laura Pattison)


Choose topics for newsletter that promote the clinical program in collaboration with Dr. Li. Work independently to gather information and write newsletters for fall, winter and spring.

sarah.bogdanovitch [at] (Sarah Bogdanovitch)

laurie.slater [at] (Laurie Slater )


The Faculty Council provides a collegial setting for discussion of the governance, strategic direction and general management of the Faculty, and advises or makes decisions, where required, on matters tending to enhance the academic work of the Faculty in teaching, research and service. It considers and reports on matters within the Council’s mandate and function, provides advice and makes recommendations, as appropriate, to the Dean, Provost, Principal, and Senate. It facilitates communication and consultation within the Faculty of Medicine, with the broader University community, and with affiliated hospitals and key training sites, research institutes and centres, as appropriate.

yondu.mori [at] (Yondu Mori)


The role of this council will be to prepare and participate in events, high school visits, and other endeavors to promote the different health professions to prospective students belonging to any of the underrepresented groups (Ethnic minorities, students coming from a rural background, low SES...) and find ways to attract them to come to McGill. You will be working alongside other students in the Faculty of Medicine.

emily.jarvis [at] (Emily Jarvis )

Second position to be filled by a 1st year in the fall