This community-university partnership has been involved in a process to identify important outcomes of SCI peer support programs and services with the goals of co-creating a SCI peer mentorship evaluation tool. Below is an infographic that illustrate our overall plan and infographics for studies that were conducted and published. 


Infographics from our research:

PDF iconInfographic 1: Mentor Perspectives

PDF iconInfographic 2: Organizational Perspectives

PDF iconInfographic 3: Mentee Outcomes

PDF iconInfographic 4: Mentor Outcomes

For more information, you can also view this video where Dr. Sweet discusses his research on well-being and specifically on spinal cord injury peer support for McGill University’s Institute of Human Development and Well-Being’s video series entitled: Well-Being: What a Concept!


This research was undertaken thanks to funding from the Social Science and Humanities Council of Canada and Canada Research Chairs Program

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