SASSI Collaborative Sports Science Grant Funded Projects

The following collaborative research projects have been completed to date:


Effects of Self-Selecting Sprint/Rest During a Repeated Sprint Cycling Trial on Neuromuscular, Psychological and Performance Outcomes

Researcher Name: Dr. Julie Côté

Year received: 2020-2021

Project stage:

Main project completed and published in collaboration with the TAU team of Dr. Halperin

Follow-up analyses ongoing on the data specifically collected at the McGill site.

Summary of the projects:

In high-intensity interval training (HIIT), the rest durations between intervals are commonly fixed. An alternative for this is self-selected where the athlete can select their rest duration. However, what is uncertain is whether this leads to better or worse fatigue outcomes. This project aims to examine multiple different factors, such as neuromuscular fatigue and performance variables, across self-selected and fixed rest strategies with the same total rest. Each study within this project follows the same cycling protocol whereas participants complete two sessions where they perform nine 30s high intensity sprints using either the fixed (90s) or self-selected rest strategies. Findings show that for equivalent physical outcomes, athletes perceive having more autonomy on their workout. Follow-up analyses are examining additional factors such as sex-specific effects of rest type, and session order effects.

Publications :

Colorni, E., Ohayon, E., Côté, J.N. Obolski U, and Halperin, I. Should I Rest or Should I Go Now? A Randomized Cross-Over Trial Comparing Fixed and Self-Selected Rest Durations in High-Intensity Interval Training Cycling Sessions. Sports Med - Open 9, 52 (2023).

Project’s anticipated contribution to sports science:

By better understanding the effects of rest duration in combination with multiple different factors, such as sex and neuromuscular fatigue, coaches and trainers can make more informed decisions regarding training programs and protocols for all high intensity sports.

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