Sport Science Community Connections

At the Sylvan Adams Sports Science Institute (SASSI) our research projects, community events, and student education thrive off our connections with community partners. Provincial and National Sport Organizations, as well as a variety of other research institutes and sports teams create our network of coaches, athletes, support staff, and researchers that help us in advancing sports science. These symbiotic relationships allow us to work together to improve elite sport performance through roundtable discussion that dictate the future of sport science, questions about performance asked by coaches and athletes, symposia and lectures on current research, as well as many other outlets. 

McGill SASSI Partners

  • National and provincial sport organizations
  • Local sports associations
  • Research Institutes
  • Corporations (e.g. technology companies, sports equipment manufacturers and distributers)
  • And more…


Mutual Benefit of Relations with SASSI McGill 

Benefits to SASSI:

  • Recruitment of coaches and athletes for research collaboration, consultation, or study participation
  • Research questions from the field of play
  • Network of coaches, researchers, and experts for speaking engagements
  • Utilization of external facilities for field testing
  • Consultation of experts through various Institute events (symposia, roundtable discussions, lectures)
  • Funding opportunities

Benefits to Partners:

  • Knowledge translation to athletes and coaches from applicable research findings
  • Avenue to address questions or conduct testing on athletic performance, training, or psychology
  • Montreal testing facility with a world-class training camp environment
  • Coach, athlete, and team workshops
  • Research collaboration, case studies, and expert consultation
  • Experiment and technology testing facility



If you are part of a sports organization (research institute, team, or other) and would like to learn more about a relationship with the Sylvan Adams Sports Science Institute please visit our contact page or reach out to any member of our leadership team. We are happy to answer your questions and work towards creating a mutually beneficial working relationship.

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