Highlighting Our Members' Research

25 Jan 2024

A series of postcards highlighting research conducted by members of Research Network on Women, Peace and Security.

‘I am like a garden that flourishes and grows’: Women with disabilities in conflict and post-conflict settings

15 Aug 2023

For two weeks in May 2023, Masters of Public Policy and Global Affairs student Liliane Umuhoza and School of Public Policy and Global Affairs Associate Professor Erin Baines at the University of...

Grassroots Women’s Activism in Women, Peace and Security

7 Jul 2023

What is Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) rooted in to you? For some members of the Research Network on WPS, the answer lies within the question itself: the root of WPS is grassroots activism.  

Hawkish Feminism: Germany’s Foreign Policy Entanglement

9 Jun 2023

In an effort to inspire members of the European Council, Germany’s Foreign Minister, Annalena Baerbock, recently expressed the need to “stand up and fight for” the “soul of Europe.” The minister’s...

Rethinking Military Training: Perspectives from the Field

3 May 2023

It comes as no surprise that the pervasiveness of the masculinized military culture remains one of the most entrenched and challenging discriminatory barriers affecting the meaningful participation...

Does Reimagining WPS mean Reimagining Pedagogy?

25 Apr 2023

The Research Network on Women, Peace and Security’s inaugural year – the “year of learning” – prompted members to reflect deeply on the origins of the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) agenda and has...

Le féminisme en politique étrangère, un spectacle symbolique?

11 Apr 2023

« Ce n’est pas d’un cerveau féminin qu’est sortie la bombe atomique », chante Renaud en 1985 en reprenant le cliché des femmes naturellement pacifiques et pacifistes. Stéréotype des années 80...

Implementing the Women, Peace and Security Agenda at Home

7 Mar 2023

Upon reviewing National Action Plans (NAPs) drafted by Western States in response to UNSC’s Resolution 1325 (2000) on WPS, the absence of domestic considerations is glaring. Western NAPs that do...

UNITAR #SheLeads4Peace Summer School: An immersive WPS experience in Geneva

2 Feb 2023

The opportunity to be a part of #SheLeads4Peace Summer School at the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) came around when I was pursuing my master’s in public policy at...


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