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Rhythm in Music since 1900

22–24 September, 2023

Schulich School of Music McGill University


 RiMs1900 Event Programme


  • Nicole Lizée, composer, performer, and video artist, Montréal
  • Miles Okazaki, guitarist and composer, Princeton University
  • Jason Yust, music theorist, Boston University

Special features:

  • John Hollenbeck, composer and drummer/percussionist
  • Jacqueline Leclair, oboist
  • Fabrice Marandola, percussionist and ethnomusicologist

Rhythm in music since 1900 remains a rich and fascinating field of inquiry. The second RiMs1900 conference seeks to bring multiple perspectives to bear on this field. It will address repertoires ranging from jazz and popular music to global musics and art musics, and topics from performance and pedagogy to cognition and theory. The featured presenters are composers, performers, and music scholars at the leading edges of rhythmic experimentation and conceptualization.

Conference director

Daphne Leong

Program committee

Daphne Leong (University of Colorado Boulder, Dean’s Chair in Music at McGill University), chair, ex officio
Ben Duinker (McGill University)
Jonathan Goldman (Université de Montréal)
Christoph Neidhöfer (McGill University)

Local arrangements

Devon Wilkinson (McGill University)
Adam Dillon (McGill University)
Kelsey Lussier (McGill University)


Martin Daigle (McGill University)


We gratefully acknowledge the support of:

Schulich School of Music

Canada Research Chairs Program

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