Prizes and Awards Notification Form

Please read the following guidelines before completing the form:

  • Please note the form cannot be saved and resumed. It must be completed in one session (around 10 minutes to complete).
  • Each form corresponds to a single prize, award, or honour.
  • This form is not for financial awards such as grants, payments, endowments, scholarships, or bursaries. Rather, the form is for awards in recognition of service, merit, or achievement.
    • For example, a SSHRC Insight Grant would not be included, but a Royal Society of Canada Centenary Medal would be included.
  • The form is open to any prize, award, or honour conferred during a researcher’s time at McGill.
    • This is not limited to Tenure Track Faculty.
    • Those researchers working at McGill Affiliates are also eligible to complete this form.
    • Preferably awards should be recent.
  • A '' email is required to complete this form.
    • Affiliate emails will also work so long as they end in ''.
  • If R+I applied for an award on your behalf, then completing this form is not necessary.
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