Myriam Denov. Image Credit: Christinne Muschi

Award-winning research starts here. 

Image: Professor Myriam Denov, School of Social Work. Credit: Christinne Muschi.

Learn more about prize winner Myriam Denov (pictured)

Denov is recognized for her outstanding research on children and families affected by war.


McGill is proud of the research excellence that resides across our Faculties, and is committed to promoting and celebrating the outstanding achievements of our faculty members by nominating them for major research prizes, awards, honours and distinctions. On these web pages you will find a database of McGill's prizewinners, a list of upcoming major prizes and awards deadlines, and information about significant internal awards such as the Principal's Prize for Outstanding Emerging Researchers. 


Principal's Prize for Outstanding Emerging Researchers

McGill Principal Suzanne Fortier shaking hands with an award winner at convocation

Bravo Gala: Recognizing Research Excellence

Group photo of the researchers honoured at Bravo 2022.

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