Religion and Globalization

Globalization and the World's Religions

Religious scholarship plays an integral role in understanding religious identity and religion’s involvement in the social, political, economic, and legal developments in our increasingly globalized world. McGill’s School of Religious Studies stands at the forefront of scholarship, debate, and pedagogy on these topics, focusing on the critical analysis of religion in public and private life and ensuring these academic findings are available and accessible to the public, especially those engaged in public policy.  

Since October 2010, McGill’s Faculty of Religious Studies has collaborated with the Tony Blair Faith Foundation (TBFF) to enhance worldwide understanding of the interrelationship between the world’s religions and globalization in both an academic and applied context. 

McGill’s Initiative in Globalization and the World's Religions has offered students an interdisciplinary “Religion and Globalization” course (RELG 331), collaborated with leading international scholars for a lecture series at the Centre for Research on Religion (CREOR), and brought together university students from TBFF’s worldwide network to study and discuss together their diverse perspectives on human rights and religious minorities.

McGill and TBFF are committed to expanding the partnership over the next few years to build on this legacy of academic excellence. The Initiative will continue to promote the critical engagement by students, scholars and the wider community on how religious meaning is established in various regions of the world and in a range of religious traditions. Through the transformative power of religious scholarship, the School of Religious Studies will continue to train intellectual and public leaders to appreciate the religious thought and activity of the past and present with rigor and openness. 

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