Dr. J. Corbett McDonald reshaped the Department of Public Health. It was renamed the Department of Epidemiology & Health and was relocated in the Lyman Duff Building.

Dr. McDonald, Dir., had three laboratories: viral, environmental and pulmonary function. Dr. Margaret Becklake was recruited to set up the Pulmonary Function Lab.

Dr. Robert Oseasohn, Dir., expanded to include clinical topics covering a much broader field.

Dr. Walter Spitzer, Dir., relocated the Department to Purvis Hall, and the Pulmonary Function Lab moved to Lady Meredith House. The Pulmonary Function Lab evolved into the Respiratory Epidemiology Unit (REU) – with Dr. Becklake as the first Director – to reflect its increasing focus on the epidemiology of lung disease.

Under Dr. Pierre Ernst, the REU progressed into a unit with a much greater focus on clinical research and on studying patient populations served by the Montreal Chest Institute, notably those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, and tuberculosis.

Under Dr. Dick Menzies, (because of increasing emphasis on clinical research).  In May 2003 the REU moved from Lady Meredith House to the Montreal Chest Institute. The unit was renamed the Respiratory Epidemiology and Clinical Research Unit (RECRU).

2005 – 2014
Dr. Jean Bourbeau is the Director of RECRU.

Dr. Dick Menzies is the current Director of RECRU.

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