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3rd Annual Retreat: A great success!

Over 190 physicians, nursing staff, allied health professionals, researchers and patient representatives, came together to discuss the future of cancer care in the McGill-affiliated hospitals.  

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Shaping the discussion on cancer care in Canada

RCN executives were among the thought leaders who participated in the  Canadian Partnership Against Cancer's first annual conference. Find out how we are working to develop new solutions to the challenges cancer networks are facing across the country.  

Talking to kids about cancer

Discussing a cancer diagnosis with a young person is tough. A recent RCN project made online modules more accessible to health care professionals and family members to help them understand how children perceive cancer and how best to discuss it. Learn more. 

Fertility preservation options

Many male cancer patients don’t know that treatments can permanently impact their fertility. An RCN-funded project created videos and leaflets to educate them about preserving their fertility before treatment.  Learn more about this important project.

Expanding skills in existing teams

Thanks to an RCN Grant, a radiation oncologist completed a masters' in Health Management. Find out how his research is opening up ideas to manage care more efficiently. 


Less time in the waiting room

Changes at St. Mary's Hospital Center have helped reduce the time between getting off the elevator and starting treatment. Learn more

Dealing with distress

Patients in select clinics in the network are having their pain, anxiety and depression assessed as part of an important Canadian initiative. Learn more


Supporting survivors by educating physicians

An RCN project team is giving MDs the tools they need, from education sessions to care plans.
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Cancer care quality gets a shot in the arm

Improving the quality of care takes teamwork. RCN Research Grants encourage collaboration and innovation. 
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The RCN: A groundbreaking collaboration

McGill and its teaching hospitals have united to improve the patient experience, increase survival rates and reduce the burden of care for cancer patients.

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RCN Scorecard

We just released 3 new quality indicators! See how the RCN partner hospitals compare on surgical wait times and clinical trial enrollment.   


Patient Resources

Discover our latest videos about Fertility Preservation, and other resources covering Symptom Management, Radiotherapy, Breast Cancer and more.


Who we are

A partnership of McGill's Faculty of Medicine, St. Mary’s Hospital, the Jewish General Hospital and the McGill University Health Centre, the RCN's mission is to improve cancer care quality and patient satisfaction. 


What's New

Dr. Eduardo Franco of the RCN's Executive Committee has been honoured by the Canadian Cancer Research Association for his Distinguished Service to Cancer Research.




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