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Introduction to Clinical Tools

WATCH: What is the value in using clinical tools? BY: Dr. Maxine Holmqvist

Why use tools in clinical practice?

There are many potential benefits to using well-designed clinical tools that have been tested and described in the scientific literature. These include allowing clinicians to evaluate their client’s presenting concerns relative to normative samples, to estimate the effects of their interventions, and to minimize the impact of clinician biases and demand characteristics.

Determining Which Tools to Use

There are so many clinical tools available that it can feel overwhelming for individual clinicians to have to review them all. In this section, our team provides key information about and access to a range of tools with known psychometric properties that are brief, free, and easy to use. We also provide links to recent articles, databases and other resources that can help point you to tools to improve your practice.


Access our database of downloadable resources for use in clinical practice.

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Content last reviewed: Sept, 2020

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