Justine Coutu, winner of the 2021 Hirschman Prize

Published: 28May2021

ISID congratulates Justine Coutu -- winner of the 2021 Albert O. Hirschman Prize for Best Undergraduate Research Essay in International Development Studies for her paper on “Addressing the...

ISID Welcomes Bart Édes as Professor of Practice

Published: 23Apr2021

Mr Bart Édes joins ISID as Professor of Practice for a two year term beginning May 1 2021.  At the Institute, Mr Édes will broaden capacities in relation to Asia and will complement other ISID...

Climate Adaptation in Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery

Published: 4Mar2021

The post-COVID19 pandemic economic recovery plans provide a unique opportunity to make economies and communities more adapted and resilient to climate change. ISID Professor of Practice Jamal...

ISID's Erik Kuhonta: Myanmar's military is taking its coup cues from Thailand

Published: 15Feb2021

Professor Erik Kuhonta of ISID has written an oped piece in the Globe and Mail on the recent unrest in Myanmar.  Read it here:  https://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/article-myanmars-military-is...

Bicentennial Mini-Science: The future of humanity and global governance


With Jennifer Welsh, Professor, Dept. of Political Science, McGill University/scienceCategory: Faculty of Arts Bicentennial Dept. of Political Science Faculty of Science


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