The Team

Jacqueline Goordail
PDF completed Dec 2016
Microbial diversity, activity, and ecology of University Valley Permafrost, Antarctic. NASA ASTEP Project

Isabelle Raymond
Genomic, Transcriptomic, and proteomic analyses of cryophilic permafrost strains.

Jesse Colangelo-Lillis
PhD completed November 2016
Understanding the role of viromes in polar cryoenvironments.

Ianina Altshuler
Effects of Climate Change on Permafrost Microbial Communities / Stable Isotope Probing and “omic” Analyses of Permafrost Samples

Kelly Chan Yam
Microbial diversity / ecology / activity in a Antarctic Dry Valley water track, a Mars analogue RSL.

Evangelos Marcolefas
MSc Biotechnology Program / starts PhD in Jan. 2017
Determination of cryophilic enzyme potential of polar microorganisms

Kimberly Alizadeh
MSc Biotechnology Program
Screening and characterization of polar microbes as microbial concrete admixtures.

Katherine Hindson
Development of a prototype cryo-ichip for culturing the unculturable.

Catherine Maggiori
Development of MICRO life detection platforms for Mars Sample Return Protocols and Planetary Protection

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