Research Facilities & Resources

Working or studying in the Plant Science Department gives you access to excellent teaching and research facilities.

Agronomy Research Centre, Emile A. Lods

Contact: MARC.SAMOISETTE [at] MCGILL.CA (Email)   |  T: 514-398-7958

The Emile A. Lods Agronomy Research Centre has excellent facilities for agronomic and agro-environmental field research, with research land, perennial plantations, buildings and specialized equipment. Qualified and professional assistance is available on site.

CT Scanning Laboratory for Agricultural and Environmental Research

Contact: pierre.dutilleul [at] (E-mail )

This laboratory was established at Macdonald Campus in 2003. The facility, the first of its kind in Eastern Canada, enables the detailed, non-destructive study of plant, soil and animal structures, through 3-D images built from CT scans. Quantitative and statistical analyses are performed in a computer room adjacent to the CT scanner and operator rooms.

Greenhouse (Research) & Growth cabinets (Phytorium)

Contact: sarah-ann.persechino [at] (Email)  T: 514-398-7771

Research Greenhouse: Computerized greenhouses for research, equipped with rolling benches, temperature control, drip-irrigation with fertilizer injection, automatic shading, HP sodium lighting, biological pest control and an integrated database system.

For research using natural soils please read: SOP - Use of Natural Soils in the Research Greenhouse

Access to the Research Greenhouse: Users who require access to the Research Greenhouse must download and complete the Access Form

Phytorium: The Phytorium is equipped with controlled-environment cabinets for plant growth and plant tissue culture. Qualified and professional technical assistance is available on site.

To reserve space in the Phytorium or the Research Greenhouse:

  1. For information on the rules and regulations for the Phytorium and Research Greenhouse please read the Phytorium and Research Greenhouse Manual.
  2. Download and complete the Approval Form and have it signed by the Research Supervisor.
  3. Complete and submit Space Reservation Form. Make sure to attach the signed Approval Form to your submission. PLEASE NOTE: You will need your McGill credentials in order to view this form. You will be contacted when your space is available and ready.


Equipment Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Users

Greenhouse Bench

Drip Irrigation (Extra)



Large Growth Bench 5.28$/day

Single Door Growth chamber

Double Door Growth Chamber 2.88$/day
CO2 Double Door Growth Chamber 3.84$/day
Walk-In Growth Chamber Shelf 0.96$/day
Tissue Culture Chamber 1.68$/day

Large Tissue Culture Chamber


*Fees include the cost of soil, pots and labels

**Prices subjected to change for other McGill Faculties

LI-COR (LI-6800)

Contact: sarah-ann.persechino [at] (Email) T: 514-398-7771                      

LI-6800: The LI-6800 is a portable Photosynthesis system capable of obtaining real time information and measurements about both the light reactions and the carbon reactions. When equipped with a fluorometer the LI-6800 simultaneously measures gas exchange and chlorophyll fluorescence from leaves.

To reserve the LI-6800: 

  1. Before making a reservation please read the LI-6800 Booking and Usage Policy
  2. Place and manage your reservations online (McGill Core Services reservation system).
  3. Once a booking is created please email sarah-ann.persechino [at] to book a mandatory training session. A pickup date for the LI-6800 will then be organized once the user has completed the training.


Task/Equipment Cost

Training (2h)

Additionally Requested Training 



Regeneration of Chemicals/Maintenance 33$
CO2 Cartridges (Includes 2x) 3$

Spare Parts

Total  42$/day

Herbarium, McGill University

Contact: frieda.beauregard [at] (Email)

The McGill University Herbarium collects, preserves and catalogues plant specimens for research into plant systematics, cytogenetics, morphology and ecology. Its collections include over 135,000 plant specimens, which includes Dr. Andrew F. Holmes personal collection, "The Lost Flora of Montreal", donated to McGill in 1856. It then formed the nucleus of what is now the McGill University Herbarium.

Horticulture Research Centre

Contact: laura.caralampides [at] (Email)  |  T: 514-398-7875

The Macdonald Campus has excellent facilities for horticultural field research, with research land, perennial plantations, buildings and specialized equipment. Qualified and professional assistance is available on site.

Microscopy Facility

Contact: youssef.chebli [at] (Email)   |  T: 514-398-4455   #8174 (microscopy facility)   #8172 (office)

The microscopy facility of the department of Plant Science is located in the Raymond Building. The facility offeres services ranging from sample preparation to image analysis. Numerous sample preparation tools for light and electron microscopy as well as a tabletop scanning electron microscope, many light microscopes and an Imaris® image analysis workstation are available on site to facilitate preparation, acquisition and analysis of the data.

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