Faculty of Arts Departmental Programmes

Arts students, other than those registered in the Freshman Program, are required to have an approved program, (Multi-track, Honours, Faculty) and to select their courses in each term with a view to timely completion of their degree and program requirements. Students must complete one of the following program streams:

1. Multi-track System

To recognize the diversity of student backgrounds and interests and the multiple routes to understanding provided by a modern university, the Faculty of Arts offers a 90-credit Multitrack system, which includes a major concentration complemented by at least a minor concentration, and which may be completed in one of the following ways:


  • A: major concentration (36) + minor concentration (18) + 36 credits of electives
  • B: major concentration (36) + major concentration (36) + 18 credits of electives
  • C: major concentration (36) + minor concentration (18) + minor concentration (18) + 18 credits of electives


  • Within option A and B, all concentrations in this option must be in different academic units.
  • Within option C, one of the minor concentrations may be in the same unit as the major concentration. Students who pursue a same-unit minor concentration will substitute additional complementary (non-required) courses to a total of 18 credits for any courses completed as a part of their major concentration within that unit.
  • Students will include within the 36 or 18 credits of their major or minor concentration any university-level prerequisites to required courses within their concentrations.
  • No course may fulfil the requirements for more than one program or concentration requirement.
  • Returning students enrolled in a Major or Minor program prior to the institution of the Multi-track System may choose to continue with their existing program or change to the Multi-track System. Returning students who choose to continue with the program that they are currently registered in should refer to the 1997-98 Calendar for regulations pertaining to their program.


  • Units: academic departments or administrative equivalents
  • Programmes: lists of required and complementary courses (including prerequisites for required courses) prepared and maintained by units
  • Major concentration: 36 credits taken from a unit's major program
  • Minor concentration: 18 credits taken from a unit's minor program

2. Honours Program

Honours programmes demand a high degree of specialization, and require students to satisfy specific departmental Honours requirements while maintaining a good academic standing. They are designed to prepare students for graduate study. Joint Honours programmes are available in many related disciplines. To be registered in an Honours program after the first year, students must have attained a GPA and CGPA of at least 3.0 in the previous year, unless they have special permission from the department and the Associate Dean. Departments may impose additional Honours requirements. These requirements will be found in the departmental descriptions of Honours programmes.

3. Faculty Program

A Faculty program is an approved coherent selection of courses constituting a concentration in an intellectually coherent interfaculty field of studies. These courses must include approved selections from one of the following:

  • The Faculties of Arts and of Science, and at least one other faculty
  • The Faculty of Arts, and at least one faculty other than the Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Arts currently recognizes the following Faculty Programmes:

  • Industrial Relations
  • McGill School of Environment