Database: RISC - Relational Inference in Social Cognition

If you are interested in obtaining videos from the RISC database for research purposes, please fill out the RISC Request Form.

RISC is a newly developed (English-language) database composed of short video vignettes depicting sincere, jocular, sarcastic, and white lie social exchanges between two people. Stimuli carefully manipulated the social relationship between communication partners (e.g., boss/employee, couple) and the availability of contextual cues (e.g. preceding conversations, physical objects) while controlling for major differences in the linguistic content of matched items. In total, the database entails 600 videos that have been valitdated concerning the identification of different speaker intentions as well as their perceived politeness, appropriateness and socio-emotional impact. Results of the validation studies are, among other information, provided in a detailed excel sheet.

The open-access and peer-reviewed research article is available through the PLOS ONE website.

We believe that RISC will prove highly constructive as a tool in future research on social cognition, inter-personal communication, and the interpretation of speaker intentions in both healthy adults and clinical populations.

If you would like to know more about the project and the researcher behind it, Dr. Kathrin Rothermich, listen to the Academic Minute and check out the media coverage by McGill University, IFL Science, and Daily Mail.