Research on vocal communication

Humans communicate their emotions, attitudes, and intentions in a variety of ways while speaking--these can be detected in the content of language (what we say) and in nonverbal expressions of the voice and face which accompany language (how we say it).

The broad aim of our research is to understand how adults communicate their emotions and intentions to others, how these meanings are interpreted in spoken language, and what brain mechanisms contribute to these abilities. We are also looking at the social and cultural factors that influence vocal communication. We are testing our hypotheses using acoustic, behavioural, electrophysiological, and functional neuroimaging methods.


Our research group

  Marcos E. Domínguez Arriola -  PhD student, Communication Sciences and Disorders

 Deirdre Truesdale  -  PhD Candidate, Communication Sciences and Disorders

 Shuyi Zhang  -  PhD Candidate, Communication Sciences and Disorders

 Marikris de Leon  -  PhD student, Communication Sciences and Disorders

 Luisa E. Hernández Melo  -  PhD Candidate, Integrated Program in Neuroscience

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